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Hey everyone, I baked a cake, came out great again. Hope everything is well on this Thanksgiving.

International Developments


– “It’s Important to Know How the Stories We Tell Ourselves — True, or Not — Shape our World… for Better or Worse

– “Pakistani Drone Strike Opponents Block NATO Shipments to Afghanistan

– “Member states of the International Criminal Court amended its rules Wednesday to allow defendants to appear via video link and allow suspects who hold high office to miss parts of their trials, decisions likely to affect Kenya’s president who is due to go on trial in February.

Middle East

– Everyday I post this, I can’t fathom it at all. “Police found the bodies of 13 people around Baghdad on Wednesday, the apparent victims of execution-style shootings that recalled the height of Iraq’s sectarian slaughter.

– “The chief of the global chemical weapons watchdog says member states of the organization “can and must” help in the high-stakes mission to rid Syria of its toxic agents stockpile.

– Syrian rebels will attend Geneva talks

– “Iran will pursue construction at the Arak heavy-water reactor, Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif was quoted as saying on Wednesday, despite a deal with world powers to shelve a project they fear could yield plutonium for atomic bombs.

– “Rising anger over deadly drone attacks spurred a Pakistani political party Wednesday to reveal the secret identity of what it said was the top U.S. spy in the country. It demanded he be tried for murder, another blow to already jagged relations between the two nations.

– “Block the US-Afghan Security Agreement!

Asia & Oceania

– “U.S. affirms support for Japan in islands dispute with China

– “China acknowledged Wednesday it let two American B-52 bombers fly unhindered through its newly declared air defense zone in the East China Sea despite its earlier threat to take defensive measures against unidentified foreign aircraft.

– U.S. to airlines: Be careful when over East China Sea

“The US announced on Wednesday that Joe Biden, the vice-president, will use a visit to Beijing to discuss in person China’s unilateral declaration of an expanded air defense zone over the East China sea.

– The leader of the Thai protests states he is “prepared to die in the battlefield

Photo by alasam, used under Creative Commons license

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