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Four to six inches, yesterday early.

In tribute to Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner, the Over Easy community gathers to discuss news of the day of a morning.   Happy Chanukah and/or Thanksgiving, or both.

A hard drive containing millions of dollars in Bitcoins has been tracked to a landfill near Newport, Wales.

Although Bitcoins have recently become part of the zeitgeist – with Virgin saying it will accept the currency for its Virgin Galactic flights, and central bankers considering its position in finance seriously – Howells generated his in early 2009, when the currency was only known in tech circles. At that time, a few months after its launch, it was comparatively easy to “mine” the digital currency, effectively creating money by computing: Howells ran a program on his laptop for a week to generate his stash. Nowadays, doing the same would require enormously expensive computing power.

That lost hard drive, though, contains the cryptographic “private key” that is needed to be able to access and spend the Bitcoins; without it, the “money” is lost forever.

Protesters carrying out bomb construction were blamed for explosions near Tamil Nadu state’s newly installed Indian nuclear facility.  The seismically active area has been called a dangerous location for nuclear facilities.

Indian police are investigating whether anti-nuclear activists were behind bomb blasts that killed six people near a nuclear power plant which started production in October despite protests by villagers.

At least two crude bombs exploded Tuesday in a house about 9 miles from the Russian-built Kudankulam plant in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu state on India’s southernmost tip.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has released a video very similar to one President Obama made in his campaign, using the “Yes We Can” theme.

 The video was produced by Hoseyn Dehbashi who was also responsible for Mr Rouhani’s election campaign videos, according to a translation of the text posted on the video-sharing website

In 2008, Black-Eyed Peas rapper led an all-star cast in a music video inspired by a speech Barack Obama gave after the New Hampshire primary, before he was elected as US president.

Iraqi marshes destroyed by Saddam Hussein after uprisings against him are being regenerated.

The marshes are close to Iran, which controls some of the water flow. Even worse from an environmental point of view, there’s oil under the marshes waiting to be tapped. But the main worry is getting enough water to keep the marshes alive.

“We have less water than we used to do – we have worse quality than we used to do and we have increasing demands – be it agriculture, be it industrial be it domestic and as it stands before the marshes were declared a national park it was basically if we have water that’s extra we’ll give it to the marshes,” Azzam said. “At this point in time with the Iraqi government declaring it a national park it has a legitimate demand to sit at the table and ask for a legitimate share of the water.”


The channels Alwash and al-Asadi reopened to the Euphrates have reflooded more than half of the marshes since 2003. There’s dry land along the remaining embankments. But just across the road where the water has returned, communities are coming back to life.


(Below; outside the front window, Thanksgiving Eve.  It almost never snows until December, here.)

Four to six inches, yesterday early.

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