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Joe Lieberman Becomes Lobbyist After Promising Not To

After explicitly promising he would not become a lobbyist, former Senator Joe Lieberman has done just that. Lieberman will be privately cashing in on his “public” service after he told reporters to “watch him” when they questioned the sincerity of his no lobbying pledge.

“You’re retiring after serving 24 years in the Senate. What lobbying firm are you going to join now?” the Times asked.

Lieberman replied, “I’m not going to lobby. For sure.” When the Times responded, “Chris Dodd said the same thing two years ago,” Lieberman added, “Yeah, I know. Watch me.”

Be careful what you wish for Joe because watching you has proved your promise wrong. Lieberman has signed a lobbying contract with a Libyan businessman who is apparently seeking favor in Washington to support his political ambitions in his home country.

Well at least Lieberman broke his word for a good cause?

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman will be working for Basit Igtet on a government relations contract. Igtet is a Libyan businessman and activist who is exploring a run for office in his native country.

Lieberman’s firm Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman has signed a contract with Igtet that includes “government relations services, communication of information to the principal and as well as [communication of] information about the principal to interested persons in the public sector.”

Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman was started by Lieberman’s former Chief of Staff Clarine Nardi Riddle – Lieberman said he would not lobby but Riddle was free to do so. Lieberman himself later joined the firm. And now he is doing lobbying work.

Which is all to say not only did former Senator Lieberman break his promise, he knew he was going to break his promise for some time.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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