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When Has Obama Asked Wealthy To Share the Pain? Never.

Obama portrai

Obama only smiles on the wealthy.

From the tax breaks of the “stimulus” that have expired for the poor/middle class but remained and become permanent for the multi-national corporations and wealthy to his personal intervention demanding lower taxes for those struggling at  250,000 to 400,000 a year after deductions, to reappointing the fed head who doles out 85 billion every month to the 1%,to the never ending free money at the taxpayers discount window (% you pay on your credit card),  to insuring perpetual war for the MIC, to  the TPP etc etc– Obama is the hand-maiden to the rich and their multi-national corps and has never will never ask them to pay more or share power in a meaningful way. If you think so, you have not been paying attention.

Just the tax relief he sought and received for his friends at the 250 to 400 a year, we could have lowered the medicare eligibility age by two years.

The most disproved assertion that is forwarded by dems and repubs  is that lower taxes on the wealthy and corps produces jobs. If it had a sliver of truth to it  the US would be boom town as we could not have transferred more wealth and power to a smaller percentage of the population than we have already. The TPP  should help break through that roadblock.

The republicans just dont talk about lower taxes producing jobs anymore. Dems do their part but not ever challenging this blatantly false assertion. The pollsters do their part by not polling on this issue that they know the american people “get.”  The majority of the american people do their part by being sheep and not demanding any accountability for such conduct by our elected officials for their failures.

Lower taxes producing jobs is disproved by the sustainable higher standard of living countries all having more progressive, less corporate capitulation and are on  sustainable economic paths vs. the full capitulation of Americans to corporations that requires a trillion dollars a year plus to maintain the illusion of sustainability in an admittedly downward trend of standard of living.

Their solution ” make the tax code fair” ” spread/broaden the tax base” cut SS and Medi …

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