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Late Night: Thou Shalt Not Lie About Leg Presses, Pat Robertson

Thou shalt not lie. That’s a pretty important commandment. Except it isn’t actually a commandment. The wording is

thou shalt not bear false witness

so is Pat Robertson breaking his God’s law (or heart) by claiming

A few years ago I did some pretty heavy stuffy, I used to, my leg presses, warm up with 500 lbs. and I went up from there, I did 30 reps of 1,000 lbs


In 2006, when he was 76 Pat Robertson claimed he did 2,000 lbs leg presses; the world record at the time was 1,335 lbs. and it was held by a former Florida State linebacker.

Though maybe it’s Pat’s staffers who are behind this silliness.  Slate commented at the time of  the 2K boast that Robertson had two staffers loading the weight machine, and:

In all cases, some of the weight gets borne by the machine. You may be loading 400 pounds, but your muscles are feeling only 200. In other words, eight plates on the machine are only four plates worth of effective weight…If you’re leg-pressing 400, that means you’re only squatting around 225.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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