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Over Easy: Monday Science

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Except for the Creation Museum, the only publications having humans and dinosaurs together relate to Dungeons and Dragons


Fukushima Update:

With initial success at removing unused fuel rods from the #4SFP, they will attempt the much riskier process of removing USED fuel rods. These are the rods most likely to have been damaged by debris, and the most likely to have been involved in the zirconium fire that we still see no evidence of.

They still claim to have no idea where the corium is, but they are at least discussing the “possibility” of a  melt through.

And the next wave of radioactives is due to hit the West Coast. Official government position is that they can’t do monitoring of the water because of Republicans and the sequester.

X-ray devices for creating high quality x-rays are expensive, in the millions. A table top laser has been developed that generates them.

Copper nanowires could replace Indium in solar collectors, resulting is a steep cost reduction.

Consensus is that we’ll see a global sea level rise of 2-3 meters by 2100.   Good thing global warming is a myth, or this could be trouble.

There were meaner things out there than T. Rex.

The Vatican is displaying St. Peter’s bones for the first time.  Somehow, I doubt they will ever be the tourist attraction that Sue is.

We have successfully resurrected an extinct species! Good or bad, we’re on that road now. While I’d really like to see a Mammoth, the idea of resurrecting something that has no natural predators or that considers us food should be approached cautiously.

Meanwhile, the creation science museum wonders with all the evidence that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time (Sorry, no peer reviewed studies there, but have faith!), could dinosaurs be  the dragons of legend?

Boxturtle (Gotta be short today, real life intrudes once again on cyber life)

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