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The Weekend Roundup for November 23-24th, 2013

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Hey everyone, hope you are well this day.

What’s the deal with the latest Iranian-P6 deal? (Terrible pun)

– “Iran and six world powers clinched a deal on Sunday to curb the Iranian nuclear programme in exchange for initial sanctions relief, signalling the start of a game-changing rapprochement that would reduce the risk of a wider Middle East war.

Full text of the agreement

– Got questions on anything? The Guardian has answers.

– John Kerry: New deal will make Israel safer and the region safer

– Barack Obama: Nuclear deal blocks Iran’s path from getting a bomb

– “Secret US-Iran talks paved way for nuclear deal

– “Republican and Democratic U.S. senators on Sunday voiced skepticism about a nuclear deal reached with Iran but Congress looked likely to give President Barack Obama room to see if the agreement works.

– Former IAEA inspector Robert Kelley discusses more on it and Israel’s role

– Israel condemns the deal, but allies are silent

– Canada is “deeply skeptical” of the deal

– “After feverishly trying to derail the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran in recent weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now has little choice but to accept an agreement that he has derided as deeply flawed.

– Juan Cole analyzes the deal and significance here

– “Iran nuclear deal shows US is now prepared to act independently of allies

– Israeli military sees deal as positive for stability

– “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif: We will implement deal in the next few weeks

– “Oil prices fell sharply on Monday after Iran and six world powers sealed a deal curbing its nuclear program, a fillip for global economic growth and risk appetites that should benefit share markets.

International Developments


– Michael Ratner: Obama must move to close Guantanamo now

An interview with Jeremy Scahill

– “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in London following two days of tense negotiations in Geneva that led the United States and five other nations to an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program.

Middle East

– “Fierce fighting to the east of Damascus has killed more than 160 people in the past two days as Syrian rebels struggle to break a months-long blockade by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, activists said on Sunday.”

– Afghan President Hamid Karzai ignores Afghan elders’ advice to approve of U.S. deal

– “Islamist rebels have seized the largest oilfield in eastern Syria, according to reports from opposition activists.

– Who will profit from destroying Syria’s chemical weapons? Private companies

– “More than 11,000 children have died in Syria’s civil war in nearly three years, including hundreds targeted by snipers, a new report says.”

– “Authorities in Bahrain say two former inmates of Guantánamo Bay have been arrested while crossing the border from Saudi Arabia, and charged with allegedly plotting attacks in the violence-wracked Gulf nation.

– “Authorities in Iraq say a series of bombings and shootings have killed five people, including a television journalist.

Asia & Oceania

– In China, electric vs. hydrogen cars is the latest rivalry

– China challenges accusations of blocking WTO tech deal

– “Signs of rapidly worsening Chinese demand for IT giants IBM and Cisco Systems Inc are starting to spook Hewlett-Packard investors.

– “Taxing times for Singapore as corporate strategy faces scrutiny

– “Reform the New York Times! Media must stop protecting companies tied to Chinese corruption

– “Japan and ally the United States sharply criticized China’s move to impose new rules on airspace over islands at the heart of a territorial dispute with Tokyo, warning of an escalation into the “unexpected” if Beijing enforces the rules.


Anti-protest law signed by Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour

– Uganda goes forward to jail homosexuals for being homosexuals


– “Decentralized protests instead of large rallies – this is Blockupy’s modus operandi. At a meeting in Frankfurt, the critics of capitalism are planning new demonstrations against the EU’s strict austerity measures

– “Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have flooded the streets of Kiev in the biggest anti-government protest since the 2004 Orange revolution to demand President Viktor Yanukovych reverses a decision not to sign a key pact with the European Union.

March 24th, 2016 – That’s the day when Scotland will become independent if Scottish citizens vote to do so next year

– “A right-wing extremist has been elected regional governor of Banska Bystrica in central Slovakia.

– “Latvian president calls supermarket collapse that killed 54 ‘murder’

– I have a feeling the Guardian love the puns with this one. “A French mood of mutiny that has rippled through Brittany and infected teachers, farmers and shopkeepers, skipped species on Sunday when horses took to the streets of Paris to complain about tax rises.

Latin America, Caribbean & Canada

– “Venezuela Tightens State Control Over Its Economy

– As Honduran elections continue, political repression grows

– “Hondurans voted for a new president on Sunday, choosing between a tough militarized response to drug gang violence fueling the world’s highest murder rate and a shift to the left that could revive the political career of deposed leader Manuel Zelaya.

– “Land to be Usurped and Votes to be Bought: The Pre-Election Honduran Landscape

– As the media circus continues with Rob Ford, Toronto has public housing residents demanding action from the federal government

– “The Dominican Republic expelled at least 244 Haitians after an elderly Dominican couple was slain in an apparent burglary near the border between the two countries and a mob retaliated by killing a Haitian man, two migrant advocates said Sunday.”

Financial Matters

– “Blowing bubbles with Paul Krugman

– “A U.S. housing regulator has been investigating the activities of a small California not-for-profit that bought hundreds of foreclosed homes through a federally backed program intended to help local communities hurt by the housing bust, according to government documents reviewed by Reuters.

– Why are law schools “raking in cash?

– “Investors wary of U.S. stock surge, even as money piles in

The 11 ways the drug war raises taxes and shrinks profits

– “Like winemakers consoling themselves after a poor vintage, economists are putting a disappointing 12 months behind them and hoping that 2014 will be a better year for global growth.

Surveillance Planet

– Hilarious. “The deputy director of the National Security Agency on Friday sounded skeptical about permitting the FBI, DEA or other law enforcement agencies to directly search through the NSA’s vast data troves, as a new bill would appear to permit.

– Mark Zuckerberg: U.S. “blew it” on surveillance

– Emptywheel: “NSA Denies Their Existing Domestic Cyberdefensive Efforts, Again

Labor’s a-Brewing

“In October, a delegation of union leaders from South Africa visited Mississippi and Tennessee, where they met with workers, students, community leaders, and public officials to hear about how Nissan responded when U.S. workers launched an effort to organize a union.”

– The dirty war by Britain in Ireland

– “Union Verdi is preparing more strikes to step up pressure on Amazon in Germany, its biggest market outside the United States, in a dispute over pay and conditions, German media reported.

– “Bold Boeing workers refuse to screw over next generation

Politics USA

Washington USA

– “U.S. President Barack Obama’s pick for a top housing regulatory post looked poised to win confirmation after the Senate changed its rules on Thursday to make it harder to block nominees.

– “Why we should save the filibuster

– Both “money and star power” await Obama on a fundraiser tour 

– “Pentagon Wasting Millions Duplicating HHS Anti-Bioterror Program

– Against the centrist (i.e. defenders of the status quo) who think bipartisanship is real (when it really is a myth)

– “On Saturday, for the first time since 26 October, Barack Obama’s weekly address acknowledged the continuing controversy over the rollout of his signature healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act.

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to help Michigan Republican Party’s new office — African American Engagement Office

– “Barack Obama sought to cement a rare policy breakthrough over Iran this weekend with a flurry of phone calls designed to shore up support in Congress and reassure sceptical foreign allies.

– “Why Paul Ryan Is Rebranding That Old ‘Compassionate Conservatism’

– Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY): The Iran deal makes sanctions “more likely

– Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): Iran deal is a distraction from Obamacare; I think Obamacare is a distraction from aggressive action against climate change

– “November surge” reported for Obamacare enrollments

Everything Else USA 

– Henry Giroux and Bill Moyers discuss “casino capitalism

– Glen Ford: Kennedy was a Cold War warrior to the core; Part 2

– Katie Couric will leave ABC News for Yahoo! to “create news programming

– FCC: Airlines will be the ones to decide whether or not to have in-flight calls

– Noam Chomsky: Business elites are waging a brutal class war in America

Excerpt from Michael Kimmel’s book Angry White Men. Reminder that the Book Salon for this book is on Dec. 7th, a Saturday

More internet access won’t solve our inequality problem

– “Your favorite food vendor could get arrested

– “Military alters training to deal with budget woes

We Don’t Need No Education

– “Millennials, rise up! College is a scam — you have nothing to lose but student debt

Keep charter schools out of broken schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Europeans answer if anti-depressants work

– Why turkey is the most unhealthy thing at your dinner table this Thankgiving

– “Did the anti-GMO movement in Washington really fail?

– Why African farmers do not want GMOs

– Study: TV rots your brain

The Second Sex

– “Major life regrets of a stay-at-home mother

– In Iraq, women are at risk

– “Domestic Violence Is Devastating, and Causes Serious, Chronic Health Problems

Planet Earth

– “Governments around the world have just over a year in which to set out their targets on curbing greenhouse gas emissions from 2020, after marathon overnight climate change talks in Warsaw produced a partial deal.

– Chevron’s legal war against critics

– “Roadblocks to Climate Action

– Juan Cole: “Another Reason to Divest: Global outrage at dirty Coal threatens Investors’ Profits

– “For the first time, all countries of the world have agreed to make contributions in cutting greenhouse gas emissions to prevent the planet’s temperature rising above the 2°C danger limit previously agreed by politicians.

– “U.N. negotiators on Friday agreed rules on financing forest projects in developing nations, paving the way for multi-billion dollar investments from governments, funding agencies and private firms in schemes to halt deforestation.

– “Arctic 30 captain re-evaluates protest methods after Russian jails

– The deep oceans may be storing heat

– “Winter storm heads east and threatens US Thanksgiving travel

– Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: The government scandal that shows the people have to take radical action to prevent climate change

Mixed Bag

Every nuclear weapon test from 1945 to 1998

– Natives of the Americas’ have European roots

– California to give abandoned Chihuahuas to New York

– “The roughest event on the football calendar

– “Science proves Louis C.K. is right

– “When was your last visit to a national park?”

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