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It was 50 years ago today, does he rest in peace?

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

International Developments


– “France Asks Palestinians to Give Up Right of Return

– Afghanistan wants to delay U.S. deal until after next year’s election and trust issues

– U.S. to Afghanistan: You have to sign it before this year ends

– What’s inside this deal you ask? You can see the key provisions inside of it here.

– “Foreign ministers from six major powers are poised to fly to Geneva by the end of the week if nuclear talks with Iran lead to an agreement, western officials said on Wednesday night.

– EU President Herman Van Rompuy: The Syrian conflict can’t be solved through military means, yet we will work out a “political solution

“Two senior members of a feared Afghan insurgent group were killed early on Thursday in the first strike by a US drone outside Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas.

Middle East

– “The global chemical weapons watchdog is urgently seeking commercial firms to destroy toxins from Syria’s poison gas arsenal, and trying to find a Mediterranean port where the deadliest chemicals can first be processed off-shore.

25 people have been killed and more than 30 wounded as a car bomb exploded in northern Iraq

– “Washington’s UN representative Samantha Power said Thursday Afghanistan is owed no apology for US actions in the country since the overthrow of the Taliban 12 years ago.

– “Bangladesh will begin inspections of its export-oriented garment factories on Friday to assess the buildings and how safe they are from fire and electrical accidents, an official said.

Asia & Oceania

– “Three executives in Japan’s automotive parts industry have agreed to plead guilty to a price-fixing conspiracy and two more have been indicted in the U.S. investigation, the government said Thursday.


– “Militias from a string of Libyan cities left the capital, Tripoli, on Thursday, nearly a week after militiamen killed more than 40 people protesting their presence in the city.

– “Egyptian army chief Sisi does not rule out presidential bid

– ” Central African Republic’s government said Thursday that Joseph Kony, an accused war criminal hunted by African troops and U.S. advisers, is believed to be in the country’s remote southeast and has been talking with the president. U.S. officials and others expressed doubt the reported talks represent a breakthrough in efforts to bring him to justice.” [cont’d.]

Photo: Eternal Flame at John F. Kennedy’s gravesite

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Dan Wright

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