“Africa Unite” says Occupy Kenya’s Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe/Africa Walks Out of Climate Talks/LIVE Report from Libyan Genocide — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



First, a little background. US President Barack Obama undermined Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s authority and Government a few days ago via Administrative Coup.   http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/normanb/2013/11/17/live-interactive-with-occupy-kenya-activist-obama-administrative-coup-to-oust-elected-president/

Before the US invasion, Libya had been one of the world’s top Oil producers. Hmm… Though many Africans saw Gaddafi as a unifier of Africa, and though [as per Levis] people throughout Africa protested Black Libyans being wiped out by Obama’s Al Qaeda Terrorist Mercenaries, Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was videotaped gloating about conquest and laughing uproariously at Gaddafi’s Murder via Torture.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgcd1ghag5Y

You’ve seen scenes from that Torture-Murder. Here are Black Libyans about to be Murdered by the US side, forced to eat the flag of Gaddafi’s Libya.   http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/normanb/2012/07/08/us-backed-al-qaida-manned-oil-dictatorship-genociding-torturing-black-libyans-obama-ny-times-say-rigged-election-was-cool/

Obama’s (and Clinton’s) Reign of Terror continues still in Libya, as persons who worked with the previous Government are being hunted down and Murdered by the US side. We’ll have a LIVE interactive interview in the comments below with a Libyan still in that country, who knows US Assassination victims Murdered last week. She is bravely trying to get word out.

At yesterday’s international climate conference in Poland, delegates of all of the African nations there walked out of the summit when the announcement came that President Obama didn’t want to hear their concerns for at least another couple of years. G-77, the negotiating group that walked out, represents two-thirds of the world’s nations, and 80% of its people. This wanton intentional environment destruction, and the weapons that the Obama Administration are pouring into Africa, are part of the Genocide too.

We shall also have an interactive interview with Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe of the Maasai tribe, Maa Civil Society and Occupy Kenya. You, readers, can leave questions or comments for either guest, in real time.


Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe:

~~The United States of Africa, a concept for federation of 55 sovereign African states, is the most prodigious, intelligent, prospicient and indeed timely inkling Africans ever thought of. The idea was first brought to the fore and advanced by Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi during his stint as chairperson for the African Union (AU). The then AU Chair contemplated the federalist states at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa for what he termed as blasted expectations by AU to bulldoggishly exasperate for Africa’s and Africans’ space and place in the global world. The Libyan leader emphatically avouched that only true African states can shape up their own destiny and bring to reality own stability and wealth to the continent.
~~African leaders, unanimously bought this acumen with the amenability and avid belief that peace, love, unity and freedom was veraciously feasible in a reborn African continent under the auspices of the federalism. Being a good student of history and of course developed bubbling interests in the various goings-on in Africa and beyond, nothing enkindles my admirations more than the talk of the Union and merger of African states into African United States. History has that the name United States of Africa was coined by Marcus Garvey in his poem ‘Hail, United States of Africa’ in 1924; an idea that gave birth to the Pan-Africanist movement in 1945.
~~This movement caused ‘earthquakes’ in the continent at the height of the unquenchable thirst for freedom and struggle to liberate the African continent from the paws and claws of colonialism. Pan-Africanism was led by epic freedom fighters in Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, our own founding father and first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba of Congo and the indomitable lion that warded off incursion into his territory by the wolves in white skin called colonialists; Haile Selassie of Ethiopia; all of whom steered their respective nations to independence.
~~However, Ethiopia was never colonized and Perhaps the historical worship by Rastafarians of the nation and indeed Selassie has some connotation with this valiant streak the hero demonstrated. Then came the plainspoken General Gaddafi who crisscrossed the African continent with a clarion call and slogan of UNITY that sparked a frenzy of excitement, boldness and belief in African ingenuity to match, in every sense of the word, developed world economies and democracies.
~~Though Gaddafi succumbed to Libyan agents of foreign masters of discord who felt threatened by the General Gaddafi’s revivification of the sure as fate Pan-Africanist spirit that liberated Africa from monstrous colonialism in the 1960s; the spirit of the fallen son of African soil instilled in us, lives on. It pensively dampens my spirit that Gaddafi assassins are the very people he endeared his whole life to serve and protect with all the venom.
~~The stool pigeons and cohorts of American slave drivers inveigled this greatest African to his untimely death under the guise of fighting authoritarianism and according democracy space in Libya. The incontrovertible truth remains; the Obama administration grew excessively glutinous and gluttonous of the inexhaustible Libyan oil fields that Gaddafi successfully parried the ‘predators’ from, a thing that left Obama and his figureheads with no option but remove the stumbling block that proscribed accessibility to the oil.
~~I dare and typically say Gaddafi made Libya a small heaven on earth and there’s damning corroboration for this. Libyans are now ruefully reaping the soar grapes of American brainwashing and artful implants of hidden motives. Libyans’ silly and mindless indulgence to aid America’s veil of secrecy to kill their ‘god’ has caused their nation inordinately as it has never known peace since. May the soul of the valiant African Rest in eternal peace.


~~Gaddafi was not alone though. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda among other Heads of African States, was his aide-de-camp in the Union advocacy. The Ugandan President’s tough and uncompromising stand against western obsessive thought that they have a right to control and loot African resources, micromanage our affairs and patronage on our leaders; has put him at loggerheads with the western oligarchs but the black man is not ceding an inch. He’s a daredevil that exemplifies true African brave warrior.
~~Though somehow resuscitation efforts got chequered with Gaddafi’s demise, it never sounded a death-knell to African resolution. A new generation is in the rise, a generation that is acutely aggressive and noble. They draw their conviction from the continent’s renowned liberators, a contriving creation altruism, climbing down their high horses and endearing their energies, efforts, travails and resources in fending off western imperialism and advance Africa’s second liberation. I even chuffed by this mellowing and well-founded Africanist spirit radiated across the African continent.


~~Innocuously, my President, Uhuru Kenyatta – son to Kenya’s founding president – has recently rejuvenated this great spirit in the wake of the ICC bugaboo that has opened its venomous-tongued gape to devour not just him, his deputy and Kenya’s sovereignty but also Africa’s freedom. In a recent African Union Extraordinary Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Uhuru bared it all to the despots. He went bare knuckle and scathingly rebuffed western arrogance, intimidation and unfathomable denigration against Africans.
~~The President in a purely African and emancipating speech quipped ‘Whilst we have been divided and incited against one another before, we are now united and more peaceful’. He continued ‘The founding fathers of African Unity were conscious that structural colonialism takes many forms, some blatant and extreme, like apartheid, while others are subtler and deceptively innocuous, like some development assistance’. I cannot agree with him more. Foreign assistance and the pretensions to police the world, is the cloak under which the US and UK have unabettedly perpetuated atrocities against guiltless people.
~~As Uhuru holds ‘it’s thus necessary for African leaders to constantly watch out against threats to our peoples’ sovereignty and unity’, we must jealously guard our territorial confinement at all cost and with all the armoury at our disposal. If there’s ever a time the African states united and forged the foreglimpsed federalism, then it’s now, to pugnaciously accord Africans the dignity they rightfully deserve from all and parry the blandishments of those who have drunk from the bitter and venomous cup of imperialism.
~~ICC itself is a western tool, in fact, an abattoir and Guantanamo Bay meant to teach Africans a lesson and make us tow the western line. Africans are not any lesser beings than anyone in this whole world and our rights, freedoms, recognition and dignity is second to none. The renewal of the African spirit to unite and ravenously protect our sovereignty as bluntly furthered by my president, is indeed a well-seasoned move to brush aside western bromidic baloney, bestial stunts, hellish lordiness, incorrigible injudiciousness and contemptible haughtiness.
~~We are no pushovers to any person, state or continent. Africa should thus remorselessly forthwith severe links with any institutions like ICC that long stopped being a place of justice the day it become a toy of declining imperial powers that are hell-bent to cynicism and hunger in furtherance of geopolitical ends.
~~Africans have been plunged into a painfully ridiculous dumb show, a travesty of justice that adds pain to our licking wounds from humiliation. We say not anymore. Not again. Our trepidations should strengthen us even more and emboldened our resolve to free our people and nations from the shackles and thralls of serfdom to neocolonialism. Africa is NOT a third-rate world, we are NOT a sub class of people.
~~President Uhuru has invoked the spirit of freedom and unity not just to the African presidents but also to all patriotic Africans in the continent. Our unity is thus not a fallacy nor is the African Union a mirage or dream of apparition. It’s indeed a reality that has finally dawned on us. We must embrace it not for us but for the generations behind us not to be subjected to excruciating pain like we have.
~~They may threaten us, slap us with sanctions and even kill our heroes. They may nip our leaders like they did to anti-West like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and even Zimbabwean Mugabe. But that’s the ultimate price to pay, it will only serve fodder to our relentlessness, concert our efforts to greater heights and revolutionize our intuitiveness to free our people from captivity. Bob Marley said how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?
~~Like the Libyans, little do those of us brainwashed to western delusions know that the enemy will stand aside and look while we slaughter, kill our own brothers knowing we are all victims of western grapes of wrath. Libyans are killing each other, so are Egyptians, Malians, Afghanis, Syrians, Tunisians. They want the same for Kenyans but we are now more conscientious than ever before
~~Africans are much awakened now from the patient silence, aloofness, doldrums, abeyance and heavy burden of stomaching evils and maggots of the western autocrats. African Union and indeed United States of Africa is our lifeline and our leaders must move in hasty manner to ratify the federalism.
~~I reiterate Our unity is not lie and realisation of African States union is not illusive, it’s a extroversion of our a dream-turned-reality overture. Africa is on the rise and no one can clump us down. No amounts of spitting by the pythons can deter us. We are soaring high like eagles, roaring like lions. Our conviction is insurmountable.
~~An African union that takes no dogshit from no one is on its birth and its debut to virulently protect its land and people is in the offing. We are the result of this creation, our minds unclouded, our intuition and acts clearheaded. We are unstoppable. Africa has finally got its bona fide and true sons and daughters who cannot be cheapened by the proverbial western peanuts and beguiling smidgeons to traitorously betray our land and people, instead we slap them on their filthy faces and serve them with an above board fidelity.
~~Second Liberation is brewing, at its full-blown stage ready to submerge our foes with the overflowing volcanic eruptions and overflowing magma. This is real. Watch the space. Long live my mother land of Africa.



And here is the voice of a woman in Libya, calling out to us. She will be on LIVE here at 10am US East Coast Time (1pm West Coast).

“I will be talking about my country, especially my city (Derna). What happening is really horrible. People kill each other in our country since the revolution till now the weapons in everywhere.”

Feel free to educate yourselves and interact with our African sister and brother here. They want and need to hear from us. Let’s not ignore them.

We are honored to have a LIVE Interactive Interview below with both our guests, one in Nairobi, Kenya, and the other in Derna, Libya.



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