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Well at least reality isn’t bothering them

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It’s a good thing that aside from the occasional report about unemployment and the monthly jobs report ALL economic reporting is based on one thing, and one thing only.

Stocks broke new ground today with the Dow moving past the 16,000-point threshold during intraday trading, before pulling back to finish at 15,975.

Because the economy is so awesomely healthy!

There were nearly 700,000 fewer middle-income households since the began than during the economic crisis, according to new Census Bureau data. The economy has grown more top- and bottom-heavy in 2010 through 2012 as compared to 2007-2009, the data show.

Most of the erosion came at the bottom end of the middle-income range. At the same time, the ranks of both upper- and lower-income people swelled by hundreds of thousands

But speaking about such things is simply impolite…no matter which country you are in. The real victims are, as always, the poor oppressed rich.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has told people to stop “bashing” the super-rich, comparing them to hard-pressed minorities like the homeless, Irish travellers or ex-gang members.

The guy with the discount Trump toupee (who isn’t actually Trump) is clearly a serious person!

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