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Hello everyone, I baked a chocolate cake and it came out incredibly delicious. Hope you’re well.

International Developments


– “The Afghan government has rejected a key proposal of a security agreement with the US, putting the entire deal in doubt days before Afghan tribal leaders gather in Kabul to consider the matter.

– “Don’t buy the spin on Guantanamo: ‘Closing’ it doesn’t mean what you think

– Shaker Aamer: We are treated like animals

– “President Barack Obama is pushing to overcome obstacles to closing the Guantanamo Bay prison, setting the White House on a collision course with Congress in its bid to loosen restrictions for moving out detainees.

– John Kerry: Netanyahu is right to oppose Iranian deal

– “The Obama administration faces a decision whether to press Iran to go along with the changes or to go back to the original compromise when political directors of the six powers and Iran reconvene Nov. 20. That choice will provide the key indicator of how strongly committed Obama is to reaching an agreement with Iran.

– Palestine casts first UN vote

– “Not a single European Union nation came forward on Monday offering to host the destruction of Syria’s poison gas stockpile, with many instead calling for the arsenal to be eradicated close to Syria itself.

Middle East

– “Syria is not a revolution any more – this is civil war

– “Turkey’s top diplomat pushed back on Monday against allegations that his nation has not cracked down hard enough on extremists crossing its border to fight in Syria’s civil war.

– ” The U.N. envoy to Yemen said Monday the country’s president is likely to stay in office beyond the envisioned two-year transition period because he is facing obstruction from political opponents that is delaying progress.

– Nine months? “The Palestinians will stay in peace talks with Israel for the planned nine months despite their fierce opposition to Israel’s settlement building, the Palestinian president said Monday.

Asia & Oceania

– Southeast Asia’s main flashpoint: Kashmir [cont’d.]

Photo by Marco, used under Creative Commons license

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