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Michigan Militia Corps

As we become and are concerned about Green Ethanol and the removal of the fuel rods from Fukushima. A Louisiana sinkhole that may explode and why the Bankers walk the streets free and without worry.

Consider this now.

There are over 80 separate citizens militia groups in the US. That in a number of these cases they not only have guns but also high ordnance like grenades and rocket launchers.

That in more ant a few cases the local and state police and even the FBI won’t go into these camps. Even if they have evidence of wrong doing because they would get their bloody heads blown off.

That every one of these groups is compose entirely of white people. We don’t have to guess because we already know what would happen if Blacks or Latinos or Asians or Native Americans even tried to form such a group. All we really need to do is remember what happened to the Black Panthers and to Malcolm X. Or even the epitome of peaceful protest, Marten Luther King.

These groups recruit from the police and military. And the military has been known to recruit from them. Now I’m fairly sure that a Wall Street banker would be as welcome at one of these camps as a member of these camps would be in say Harlem. And treated with the same courtesy.

So while we verbally eviscerate those on the right, the Wall Street elites and Washington. As well as the Tea Party. And protest and sign petitions to end all the abominations that are being planned. Remember..

There really are people who actually DO pose an significant physical threat the powers that be. So much so in some cases that they are rarely – if ever – challenged. And those of us who consider ourselves to be more enlightened pose no threat what so ever.


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