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Sell-out “Bernie” Sanders at it Again

Bernie’s claims of a possible run for president are clearly intended to help thwart any challenge to the anointed one. Whether he is selling-out on the public option or just doing his part powerful constituents sell-out is the term that comes to mind, will progressives be fooled again?

Bernie is supposed to make you feel good because “someone” is fighting for you. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He should be shunned as a challenger to the anointed one. Yes, Sell-Out Sanders is at it again, doing his part for the team by being a place holder to preclude any real change.

It is so Orwellian that someone as corrupted as Sell-Out is not seen as the corporatist that he is. But we continue on,  using 1984 as an instruction manual. Hope we have someone from outside the machine to vote for, or else:

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