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Over Easy: Monday Science

Mmmmm Bacon

The Giant African Forest Hog

Good Morning All!

Fukushima Update:

TEPCO has fessed up to 80 damaged fuel rod assemblies...70 in the #1 SFP, 3 in #2, 4 in #3, and 3 in #4.

Fuel rod removal from #4 SFP starts Monday.

Per Guardian, Fuel rod removal has begun. has begun.

TEPCO has also admitted to water gushing from #1 containment vessel.  The water they’re pouring on to keep the corium cool is pouring out the bottom, yet #1 is not filling up with water. That water is just leaking out and probably has been since the explosions. They got the photos by sending in a remote controlled boat.

Look what we found in Antarctica…an active volcano under the ice.

Earth had oxygen about 3b years ago. 700m years earlier than we thought!

Equal time for the Creationists. Couldn’t qualify for a Museum board. They whine about it.

Yearly cleanup yields archeological find. Basically a complete history of human habitation in Florida.

Galaxies trick our astronomers. Bad Galaxies! Bad!! BAD!!!

The worlds biggest pig. You’ll note I posted it without making references to Christie OR Rush.

The ESA’s SWARM mission to study the Earth’s magnetic field launches this Friday. First time we’ve used three satellites flying in formation.

A little more is discovered about black holes. Their jets do not blow matter one and antimatter the other.

The Mexicans used hot peppers in 400bc or so. Bless ’em, I’d HATE to think of a world without hot peppers.

Really neat data about Earth’s mantle. I’d never heard of Petra III, either.

We’re under a Tornado warning now, so this will have to do.

Boxturtle (Dispatch from the Land of The Crazy Winds)


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