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Late, Late Night FDL: Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues

Buddy Guy – Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues

The Stones’ Bill Wyman talking about the Blues…

“All music seems to have stemmed from the blues,” says Wyman. “Blues was like the tree trunk, and all the branches came out of it, like jazz, ragtime, and then country music, then R and B, then rock and roll, and then soul and gospel. It all seems to have come from the same root in the 1800s.”

“You had black blues musicians playing in the south, and then white people heard it and adapted it to their styles, like Irish reels, and Scottish and English folk music – and it became country music, but it still had blues flavours in it,” he says.

Wyman, however, believes that the reputation of blues music has been damaged over the years by crude stereotypes and poor quality music.

“People should be very careful about what blues music they listen to when they start to listen to it, because if they start off with something that’s not very good quality, it will put them off for life,” says Wyman.

“At its worst, blues music can be really dull and boring, but if they’re listening to someone like Muddy Waters or Elmore James, Little Walter or Jimmy Reed, or people like that, then they would get the really good quality blues. A lot of it’s got fantastic humour, some of it is saucy, a lot of it is very close to the edge.”

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