LIVE Interactive with Occupy Kenya Activist: Obama Administrative Coup to Oust Elected President — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Through his underlings President Obama led an Administrative Coup toppling the authority of Kenya’s Government and its legally elected President at a UN proceeding days ago. Other African leaders tried to prevent the dangerous precedent of White colonialists being reinstalled by the US and its UN puppets, France and Britain.

By abstaining at a UN meeting in Europe [not Africa], the three White Colonial Powers (WCPs) set in motion a procedural measure to bring Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, elected in 2013, to trial in a White majority country. (Would the African Union be allowed to depose and try a criminal US or European head of state in Africa? Of course not.)

This demand clearly violates Kenya’s sovereignty. Will Obama attack militarily to steal its Oil and Gas if Kenya doesn’t surrender its legally elected President?

The WCPs are attempting to assert their assumed right to remove any African leader elected in their former domains who doesn’t do what he’s told. Soon you’ll hear from an activist of Occupy Kenya in an interactive interview, with his take on the situation. The African Union demanded that the trial be delayed while Kenyatta is in office.

The African Union countries comprise 98% of Africa’s population and 97% of the continent’s area (all except the Northwest and Southeast corners, respectively, Western Sahara and Madagascar). African countries Could  stop cooperating with the International Criminal Court, now that it is violating the UN’s own rules on the rights of nations, in a patently Racist way.

Is any President in the world more obviously a criminal than our own? His tour of Africa urged Africans to join the ‘Natural Gas Boom,’ the burning of which would mean death for millions of Africans, because of the climate change forced by burning that much Fossil Fuel. He urged Fracking in Africa – a toxic and Genocidal technology. Here’s an article from a few months ago at showing the real reason for this Administrative Coup.

I must point out [again] that, even though dishonest politicians and salesmen call it “Natural Gas,” it really is and originally called “Petroleum Gas.” Burning Fossil Fuels adds Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the Atmosphere, causing Global Warming.

Petroleum Oil and Coal deposits are accompanied by pockets of Methane and related Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). Fracking is worse than other types of Mining, but Oil Drilling or Coal Mining or Gas extraction always cause massive leakage of Methane, which is an exponentially worse GHG than CO2.

Fracking permanently ruins the land and permanently pollutes the groundwater, both Genocidal practices. But Hydraulically Fracturing (Fracking) the aquifer also kills the indigenous people, animals, and plants while destroying the water table. President Obama and his European two lackeys should themselves be tried before the ICC, if it were an honest body.

In fact, much more Natural Gas – actually natural – can be obtained much quicker and cheaper, and millions of times safer, simply by growing fields of Hemp (the plant with by far the highest biomass per acre/hectare):

A Lund University study in Sweden proved just that. Burning Methane derived from plant sources in this way causes NO Global Warming. So, if we were serious about using Methane as the fuel of the future, we can do it without destroying land, overthrowing Presidents, or committing Genocide. Again, from

Here are the words of Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe of the famed and important Maasai Tribe. Should they be forcibly moved, for Fossil Fuel profit? Of course not! Levis is with Maa Civil Society and Occupy Kenya.

“The United Nations Security Council resolution to veto Kenyan ICC case deferment quest, is the most autocratic, fucked up and misplaced act of race hunting. It’s a continuation of the western underestimation of Blacks. It’s time the African Union unequivocally middle fingers all International Institutions controlled by the 3 matriarchal western states (read USA, Britain and France). For how long should we be treated nonentities and third-raters by these recalcitrant contemptuous states? For how long should we lie low like antelopes in pursuit of nonextant and unyielding fairness? Not anymore! My black race is subjected to unfair targeting, profiling and pushed to helotry. Africans are victimized for our up in the arms, tenacity, unintermitting ethos and blatant refusal to bow down to the west and tow their line! We are recipients of western grapes of wrath! Time comes we stood our grounds, to put our feet of long standing on the ground and ward”

Now, we are honored to have Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe with us Live From Africa, to give his thoughts on the undermining of his country’s sovereignty, and to answer our questions. Leave your questions below as comments.



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