Thom Hartmann throws Obama under the bus, over TPP.

And good for him, though I have to admit I could hardly believe my ears. I used to listen to Hartmann a lot during the days of Air America, and have posted a few things on his message board. But I couldn’t listen much at all after he morphed (apparently) into a Demo-bot and Obama-bot.

Apparently, his principles got the better of him ( 🙂 ) , and good on him, for that. Also, Papantonio, who Hartmann interviews, tells the unvarnished truth about Obama and TPP. Good on him, also.

This is the link for the Hartmann interview: Full Show 11/13/13: 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything W….

UPDATE: is recommended by Lori Wallach, interviewed by Papantonio.

IMO, relying on exposure, alone, is dumb, as the creeps bringing us monstrosity’s like TPP may be embarrassed, but only in the way that mafiosi might be ’embarassed’ at having the light shone on their activities.

All strategies should have a clear, logical line to credibly dumping any Congress critter who might vote for a TPP. IMO, the smallest step we can take in this direction, but still yield measurable results, involves what I call ‘benign verbal intimidation’. See Twisting Your Congress Critters’ Arm – A Goldilocks’-Sized First Step In Domination by the Electorate (Short Version)

Obama will not be up for re-election, so the focus of electoral threats should be directed at Congress.