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Hello everyone. Great day today, isn’t it? Starting snowing here.

International Developments


– “An Argentine prosecutor Wednesday asked a judge to declare unconstitutional an agreement with Iran to probe the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center after charges Tehran ordered the attack.

– “A French appeals court on Wednesday approved the extradition of two Rwandans wanted by Kigali for their alleged role in the 1994 genocide that claimed some 800,000 lives.”

Middle East

– “Israel has agreed to return organs of dead Palestinians harvested by its forensic pathologists during autopsies, Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheikh told Ma’an news agency on Wednesday.

– “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to scrap plans for a “record” 20,000 West Bank settler homes was driven by Israel’s bid to scupper an Iranian nuclear deal, observers said Wednesday.”

Part 3 of Ann Jones’ interview

– “Afghanistan’s farmers planted a record opium crop this year, despite a decade of western-backed narcotics programmes aimed at weaning farmers off the drug and cracking down on producers and traffickers

– “Syrian troops capture rebel-held suburb south of Damascus

Asia & Oceania

– “The palm-flecked island nation of Sri Lanka plays host this week to leaders from dozens of Commonwealth nations at a summit it hopes will generate enough good will and photo opportunities to eclipse three decades of grim history — massive civilian deaths, persistent media harassment and gangster-style politics.


– Mohamed Morsi: No stability in Egypt unless coup is reversed

– “Nigerian lawmakers ordered an investigation into the country’s oil business after an international financial watchdog group alleged that Swiss traders may be complicit in defrauding the Nigerian public.

– “Scores of Libyan protesters on Wednesday shut down an oil refinery in the country’s east to demand jobs they claim were promised for 1,000 people, a state-owned oil company official said.” [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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