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Over Easy: Thursday Subsitute

Our Neighbors

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Thursday is a day of news Items from non-US papers. It’s good to see what the rest of the world is thinking about. For today, I’m going to take a trip through our closest neighbors, the western hemisphere.

In Canada, most of the headlines are about a crack smoking politician. I’m bored with that.

In Alberta, they’re having to deal with the same tar sands tactics we are. In this case, the Judge gave the government a royal smackdown.

In Edmonton, we have a person who took hostages and got in a gun battle with police getting a life sentence. He can apply for parole in 8.5 years. Not 85, 8.5.

In Quebec, they still talk about secession. I read an alarmist story when they had the last vote for secession that said Canada would split into three countries, with a good portion of Ontario joining the USA.

Mexico opposition wants  to block Venezuela’s applying to the Security Council until they get answers about a plane of theirs that was destroyed under questionable circumstances. It worked this time, that seat went to Argentina.

Belize has their own political scandal.  Investigation blocked on party line vote. Sound familiar?

There’s a lot at stake in El Salvador’s Feb 2014 elections. Short version: A continuation of a mildly socialist government lacking an economic plan or a center right coalition backing a return to the pro-business, pro-US positions.

Honduras arrests 350 extortionists this year. 100% incarceration rate. No comment.

Nicaragua’s Sandinista’s changing the constitution to enable Ortega to hold power forever and legitimize his prior acts.

Costa Rica discovers a new species of Mollusk. You KNEW I’d fit in something sciency, didn’t you?

And Costa Rica is pleased with the results of the CAFTA-DR treaty.

Looks like they play American politics in Panama. Who said US influence is waning?

Boxturtle (I have become addicted to this comic)

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