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Our Flashlight Is Necessarily-Flexed, …

Our Flashlight is necessarily-flexed, albeit, for Understanding Dark  Shadowed Politics



With Wikileaks-released Chapter that is today’s current focus on the TransPacific Partnership, and further reinforced in this MyFDL component, the general public now has to reach into the trash bin and recover the proverbial Flashlight and done in order to reacquaint oneself with international trade agreements that are being crafted by the voluminous lobbyists–always available for their self-enlightenment, and where these services are paid for by their large corporate clients.  And not to be outdone, but here inArizona, the ‘dark-shadowed’ politics remain in vogue, as well, despite the non-existence of an Arizona-inspired Wikileaks version available to all Arizonans.

Today’s current template consist of homeowners with roof-top solar collectors, and are now facing a daunting political task in order to avoid the current temptation by the state’s energy regulator and where these regulators feel obligated to level a monthly fee of an approximate $22 per month.   Therefore, this “fee” will demonstrate that access to the energy grid, will not be duty-free, but will, and I will add, presumptively, make the non-solar home owner, ‘righteous’ in that these majority of homeowners are not ‘getting-stiffed’ when it comes to the overall costs for maintaining Arizona’s power grid.


To wit, this political battle has now come down toArizona’s largest utility pitting itself against the manufacturers of solar energy equipment.  And from therein, is this ‘dark-shadowed’ politics that, regardless of success or failure, will have a direct impact in the next year’s election for the Office of the Secretary of State.  And for those of us—Native Americans and Chicanos, this ‘battle’ is important to us, given that the SOS “manages and operates” our public elections systemic.  And furthermore, not lost on us, is that the conservatives in the GOP and the well-camouflaged conservatives in the Democratic Column will determine this fateful political outcome. Moreover, we, the voters, or mostly Republicans, have created this iconic Rubicon


In closing, the ‘dark-shadowed’ politics of my local environment, as well as in the national environment, or the TPP, brings out my cynicism, and to the point, that future generations will be “restricted” and possibly, “prohibited” from utilizing solar-powered technologies—from the creation of mini-solar power batteries for our flashlights and to eventually include the technology crafted and utilized in large scale solar storage batteries beneficial to the consumers, not only here in the United States, but to consumers all over the world.  And that’s our Challenge.

Photo from Joe Loong licensed under Creative Commons




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