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Email Satire from the White House

(Our beleaguered President needed a break from Teh Serious, so he sent this out on11/12/13 just for laughs.  He advised us to use Control and + to read the first graphic more easily.)


We’ll pass it along, Mr. President.




Yes; you try harder.


Yes, good news indeed.


Thank heaven!


Yes, from public schools school to college!

From the #ABetterBargain Group at Democratic Underground:

“You know something, our colors are getting brighter and bolder every single day! It is the color of change and it’s beautiful~~~ The Color of Things “ man’s character always takes its hue, more or less, from the form and color of things about him.” – Frederick Douglass

thousand dollar bill

He also said that he and Jamie Dimon were goofin’ around trading emails the other day, and (my verrry personal heart throb) Jamie sent him this video since it’s finally back up on youtube.  Apparently, he’d signed the email: ‘Har har har!’  I confess I’m a big fan of self-mockery, even of The Sociopathic Kind.

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