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The Impending Destruction of the Democratic Party

It’s already begun. Obamacare will destroy the Democratic Party. The entire, sorry story is replete with lies. I well remember Obama saying in the 2008 Democratic debate that he would NOT support a mandate to support a new health insurance system, while Hillary Clinton said that absolutely, a mandate was absolutely necessary. I won’t bother with pretty little blue links; you can find them if you’re curious enough.

Democrat Donkey

Will Obamacare destroy the Democrats?

In fact, that was a big reason I voted for Obama in the Democratic primary that year.

And what do we have now? A bloody mandate, that’s what. Even Bill Clinton is trying to distance Shrillary from Obama’s broken promise of “If you like the insurance you have, you can keep it.” Hypocritical, yet so sincere you are, Slick.

I also clearly remember many Democrats, such as Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown, stating in no uncertain terms that they would not vote for any Affordable Care Act(ACA) without a public option, which at least in theory would keep health insurance costs down. Not only them, but the one Socialist in the Senate, Bernie Sanders, said the same thing. Yet, when push came to shove, they all voted for Obama’s “signature legislation.” Nancy Pelosi, to her credit, actually passed the ACA through the House of Representatives with a public option, but, in the end, she caved to the corporate interests as well, to her damnation in my eyes.

You’ve read story after story on how Obamacare is absolutely, incredibly, superfragilisticespiallodociously unaffordable to tens of millions, maybe even a couple of hundred million, Americans. Old Fat Guy’s challenge to the Democrats a few days ago went unmet, for a very simple reason.

It couldn’t be met.

There have been a few attempts to really delve into and explain this Fascist scheme to transfer yet more wealth from the rest of us to the corporate elite. Here’s the best one I’ve found.¬†Look at the numbers! For most people, who live paycheck to paycheck or damned near, this pushes them over the edge.

They. We. Can’t. Afford. This.

Not and pay the rent or the mortgage. Not and buy groceries. Not and pay the utility bills. Not and make the car payments. At least before, if you couldn’t afford to buy health insurance, you didn’t have to do so. But wait! Here comes Obamacare! Sign up or face the wrath of the IRS!

Most Americans really don’t understand the full impact of Obamacare yet. But they will. It will take a few months. And then, they will be positively enraged. At the President who pushed it almost to the exclusion of everything else for a full year. At the Congresscritters who voted for it. And who are they?


And deservedly so. The Democrats are now stuck with defending a bald-faced lie. The Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable. The Democrats won’t not only fail to gain any seats in Congress in 2014, they’ll lose a bunch, because most voters are still stuck in the stupid D v R paradigm and will kneejerkedly vote for the R’s. The Democratic leadership, bought as it is, will stay the course. I think, in fact I hope, that the Democratic Party will at least split and at best splinter. It’s going to get smashed. Hopefully, it will be destroyed. Hopefully, Barack Obama will be the last Democratic President, for this party richly deserves to die. It’s betrayed its own principles, at least the principles it developed from 1932 through most of this century.

Will the triumphant Republicans be any better? BA-WA-HA-HA! Of course not. I don’t know exactly how they will screw up and screw over the American people even more than the Democrats have done, but I have almost infinite faith in their ability to do so.

In spades. They’re not the brightest bulbs in the ceiling, you know.

And then, then times will get very interesting indeed. I look forward to them. But then again, I have very little to lose. I’m living on the edge now. What’s a little more uncertainty?

As for those of you who think the military and the police will protect the rulers, think again; they may at first, but they won’t stay the course. They are us, you know. Or maybe you don’t. I’m not going to argue that point in any comments on this thread. But look at the bright side: our rulers think the military and police will stay loyal to them as well.

They’re wrong. History is replete with antecedents. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. Use the Google or, better yet, that socialist institution, your local public library.

So have a little faith. Good night, and good luck. And I still have to go to work on the morrow, so I’m for bed soon.

Image by DonkeyHotey released under a Creative Commons license.

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