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Just Signed up for Obamacare

I just signed up for Obamacare on the New York state health exchange. As one of those whose existing health insurance policy was cancelled in the roll out, I had some exasperation with the false promise that “if you like your existing health plan you can keep it”. My new plan has slightly less coverage for roughly the same expense, but based on the way annual percentage cost increases had been running the plan is roughly comparable to my old insurance. Both my old and new insurance are with the same health insurance company. I believe I will be able to keep my same physician. So to recap same insurance, same insurance company, same doctor, same cost. Despite all the fuss and faux outrage in the press, for me nothing has really changed. Yes, my policy was cancelled, but the replacement coverage is comparable.  If Obamacare fails we may wait another generation or more for real health reform. Please sign up!

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Arthur Fullerton

Arthur Fullerton