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After a factory fire at Gabila’s, the US faces a knish shortage

Good Morning. Hope you are well today.

Veterans’ Day Stories

“I Should Be Dead

– “Veterans Day Celebrates Warriors From Our Disastrous Wars, But the Day Was Established for Peace and the End of War’s Destruction

– Pew: About 61 percent of veterans say their military work prepared them for civilian work

– “Why is pro sports constantly jamming military fervor down our throats? Their claims are wrong in more ways than one.

“Suicides across the military have dropped by more than 22 percent this year, defense officials said, amid an array of new programs targeting what the Defense Department calls an epidemic that took more service members’ lives last year than the war in Afghanistan did during that same period.

– The training that makes killing acceptable

– “Barack Obama has warned of the danger of forgetting the war in Afghanistan as he marked Veterans Day by discussing preparations to end the longest war in American history.” I’m sure he warned not to forget that he can commit murder anytime he wants.

– Six states discriminate against gay soldiers and their families by refusing to grant spouse benefits

– Iraq Vet: Losing home “worse than getting blown up

International Developments


– “US Secretary of State John Kerry has said Iran backed out of a deal on its nuclear programme during talks with world powers in Geneva on Saturday.

– Other version: “Iran and the United States on Monday blamed each other for the failure to reach agreement on a deal to limit Iran’s uranium enrichment in exchange for an easing of Western sanctions.”

– John Kerry: No deal with Iran is better than a bad deal

– US and China to meet to plan a joint disaster relief exercise

– “David Cameron is to lead a delegation of ministers and business figures to China next month, he has announced.

– Victory. “The Romanian government won’t allow a Canadian company to develop what would have been Europe’s biggest open gold mine, the prime minister said Monday, shortly before a parliamentary commission nixed a bill that would have permitted the project.

– “Protesters have shut Libya’s gas export pipeline to Italy, its only customer, demanding more rights for the Amazigh, or Berber, minority and depriving the weak government of a major source of income.” [cont’d.]

Photo by Henry C, used under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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