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Hello everyone. Baked a strawberry cake yesterday.

Typhoon Haiyan

At least 10,000 are reported dead in the central Philippine province of Leyte

– “Philippine official: Another 300 people dead on Samar Island as toll in storm onslaught climbs.

– “A team of about 90 US marines and sailors headed to the Philippines on Sunday, part of a first wave of promised US military assistance for relief efforts after a devastating typhoon killed at least 10,000 people, US officials said.

– Relief groups are saying efforts to help are hampered by the extent of devastation

– “Typhoon Haiyan: desperate survivors and destruction in flattened city

How to help in the Philippines 

International Developments


– “Iranians expressed anger at France for blocking a stopgap deal aimed at easing tensions and buying time

– Danger that nuclear deal with Iran may fail if sanctions aren’t dropped

– John Kerry: We’ll keep the sanctions as talks continue

Middle East

– “Pakistani education officials say they have banned teenage activist Malala Yousafzai’s book from private schools across the country, claiming it does not show enough respect for Islam and calling her a tool of the west.

– “Syria’s opposition is edging towards agreeing to international peace talks in Geneva but wants approval from fighters inside the country first to give the process more legitimacy, its spokesman said at talks in Istanbul.

– Humans Rights Watch: Syrian government has used incendiary bombs in the past year

– How India-Pakistan border fights disrupt village life

– “Iran’s official news agency is reporting that a gunman has shot and killed a deputy industry minister.

– Netanyahu: Rest of the world is soft on Palestinians. Do I need to even say something?

– “Palestinian officials say Gaza’s power plant is not operating and the territory is facing power outages due to a fuel shortage caused by political infighting.

Photo by Isado, used under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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