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Over Easy: Monday Science


The Russian meteor


Fukushima Update:

A great article on the risks of the fuel rod removal.

How heavily is the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia)  involved in Fuku? Tepco has been having real problems getting workers but not nearly the problems they should be having. Wonder how many debts are being erased?

Edward Teller’s most excellent update, with animation of how Tepco would like us to believe the fuel rods will be removed.

A Japanese lawmaker breaks all protocol and personally hands a letter to the Emperor about radiation related conditions appearing in Japanese children.

Read about some of the people who moved back into the contaminated zone at Chernobyl.

The actual rod removal will be delayed at least another week, supposedly for more “practice and certification”. Who the heck can certify an operator in removal of fuel rods under these circumstances?

A big step forward to practical backbone solar power plants. 2 million watt hours stored in an area the size of a semi trailer.

A good overview on where solar stands. Ya know, for the cost of just one reactor we could really give solar a boost. Probably a big enough boost to make it a MAJOR contributor.

Have you ever heard of Batman? No, not the fellow who plays straight man to the Joker. The blind man who sees with echolocation well enough to ride a bike in traffic!

The new high temperature record for superconductor is 48c(118f). Pain in the butt to make, deteriorates rapidly, but shows that ultracold is not a requirement.

Have you ever heard of the dark matter of DNA? It’s also called Junk DNA. Well, opinions have changed recently and the current theory is that so-called junk DNA is what determines what DNA is turned on where in the body and how strongly. So we don’t grow a brain in or foot or such. They have now found a genetic disorder linked to junk DNA.

Does your local radio station not reach your house? Maybe your neighbor is sucking the signal for power. Seriously, can you not think of a downside to this tech?

Quarks come in 2’s, 3’s (proton and neutron), and now we’ve evidence they can exist in 4’s. Wonder if there’s a limit or if we’ll find groups of five with enough energy.

Interesting results from the study of the Russian fireball.

There’s a squid in my computer.

Boxturtle (All the restaurants are making pumpkin pie. I hate pumpkin pie)

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