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Typhoon Haiyan Reports Coming In: 10,000 Dead in Central Province

I don’t know which of the 120 or so Malayo-Polynesian languages might be being spoken here, but it really needs no translation.

From the Guardian:

The distance from the airport to the centre of town is just seven miles by road, but the journey can easily take six hours. To get to Tacloban, the small city in Leyte province in the Philippines that was flattened on Friday by typhoon Haiyan, you have to manoeuvre through piled up bodies, uprooted trees, jagged pieces of debris and survivors staggering around searching for food, water and supplies.

The coastal city of 222,000 inhabitants bore the brunt of the 195mph winds of the strongest storm ever recorded, tearing off roofs and destroying evacuation centres.

Storm surges six metres (20ft) in height turned roads into rivers of sewage and seawater, landing whole ships on top of houses, and obliterating bridges and roads.

At least 10,000 people are thought to have died so far in Leyte province alone, with the toll expected to rise.

From the liveblog at the Guardian:

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