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The Weekend Roundup for November 9-10th, 2013

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Hello everyone. Hope you are well. I baked a strawberry cake today. Came out great.

Typhoon Haiyan

At least 10,000 are reported dead in the central Philippine province of Leyte

– “Philippine official: Another 300 people dead on Samar Island as toll in storm onslaught climbs.

– “A team of about 90 US marines and sailors headed to the Philippines on Sunday, part of a first wave of promised US military assistance for relief efforts after a devastating typhoon killed at least 10,000 people, US officials said.

– Relief groups are saying efforts to help are hampered by the extent of devastation

– “Typhoon Haiyan: desperate survivors and destruction in flattened city

How to help in the Philippines 

International Developments


– “Iranians expressed anger at France for blocking a stopgap deal aimed at easing tensions and buying time

– Danger that nuclear deal with Iran may fail if sanctions aren’t dropped

– John Kerry: We’ll keep the sanctions as talks continue

Middle East

– “Pakistani education officials say they have banned teenage activist Malala Yousafzai’s book from private schools across the country, claiming it does not show enough respect for Islam and calling her a tool of the west.

– “Syria’s opposition is edging towards agreeing to international peace talks in Geneva but wants approval from fighters inside the country first to give the process more legitimacy, its spokesman said at talks in Istanbul.

– Human Rights Watch: Syrian government has used incendiary bombs in the past year

– How India-Pakistan border fights disrupt village life

– “Iran’s official news agency is reporting that a gunman has shot and killed a deputy industry minister.

– Netanyahu: Rest of the world is soft on Palestinians. Do I need to even say something?

– “Palestinian officials say Gaza’s power plant is not operating and the territory is facing power outages due to a fuel shortage caused by political infighting.


– “Africa correspondents say a California nonprofit’s latest claim [— ending the war in the Congo —] takes narcissism to a whole new level

– “An autonomy movement in eastern Libya said on Sunday it had formed a regional oil firm to start selling crude after seizing several ports, mounting a challenge to the government in Tripoli as it struggles to gain control of oil facilities.

– “Libya’s prime minister urged citizens Sunday to peacefully oppose the country’s out-of-control militias, saying the growth of the groups in defiance of the central government endangers the country’s relations with the world.

– “A Liberian editor jailed after reporting the results of an official graft investigation says he is confident his legal troubles will soon be resolved.

Asia & Oceania

– “In defying four years of official cooling efforts, China’s soaring house prices reveal an uncomfortable truth: government is one of the biggest obstacles to the success of taming the market.

– “ The president of the Maldives said he will stay in office even though his term ends at midnight Sunday in order to avert a constitutional void that could have arisen due to the postponement of a presidential runoff election.”


Remembering Kristallnacht

– “Several thousand people are protesting in Bulgaria’s capital to demand that the nation’s Socialist-backed government step down to make way for early elections.

– “Refugees attempting to enter Greece are being systematically, illegally and, in cases, brutally pushed back by the Greek authorities, in contravention of international law and with the complicity of the European authorities, a German-based human rights organisation said on Thursday.”

Latin America (& Canada)

– “Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government “occupied” a chain of electronics stores in a high-profile crackdown on what it regards as price-gouging that is crippling the country’s economy.

– Venezuela releases Miami Herald journalist

– “Keeping us in the dark about Latin America

On the election in Honduras

Financial Matters

– “The pension theft crime wave rages on

“Wal-Mart: An economic cancer on our cities

Is NY only for business folk?

– This is why I will never post an article up on the so-called scandal. It’s a distraction by the ruling classes. “Toronto mayor’s scandal shifts focus from poverty, racialized communities

– “Protesting Twitter

– “The next ‘Cliff’ threatens the long-term jobless

– Bitcoin falls 25 percent

The Original Occupy

Surveillance Planet

“A new book details the story of how the Central Intelligence Agency worked with New York police to invade the private lives of Muslims.

– Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): Keith Alexander should quit 

– The New York Times bows to the NSA

– “The Guardian faced fresh criticism from the government over its handling of leaks from former NSA analyst Edward Snowden as two cabinet ministers said its revelations had endangered national security.

– “People have a right to the truth

Labor’s a-Brewing

– UN is urging Qatar to have labor reforms

– Chinese labor camp inmate tells of story in Halloween toy set

Politics USA

Washington USA

– Senator Lindsey Graham still committed to blocking nominations over Benghazi despite 60 minutes controversy

– Chris Christie does not say much over 2016 ambitions

“The Obama administration will release healthcare enrollment numbers for Obamacare’s rocky October rollout this week that could be more important for what they fail to say, than for what they do.

– “While the recent federal government shutdown was the perfect example of split-party gridlock in Washington, in other parts of the country opposing parties are actually working together.

Everything Else USA

– In Seattle city council race, it is a tight affair as Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant has 49.5 percent of the vote so far and may end up winning

– Socialist Alternative candidate, Ty Moore, gets nearly 38 percent of the vote in a Minneapolis city council election.

– Howie Hawkins, Green Party representative in Syracuse, New York: “40% for a Green Party candidate where the Democratic Party threw everything it had into the race is nothing to be discouraged about. Our capacity in terms of volunteers, fundraising, and campaign skills exploded. We offered realistic and positive alternatives to a status quo that is failing…Every green vote was a conscious vote

– “For the first time ever, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongly convicting an innocent man

– “People power expressed in election results

– “Republican lawyers who gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act seek millions from taxpayers

– “Children locked up for life: Ten shockers about America’s prison system

– “Where the next protest anthem?

– An innocent man, who was jailed for 34 years, is now free

– The family of Malcolm X is suing to prevent publication of his diary

– “Attorneys for New York City asked a federal appeals court to vacate a judge’s orders requiring police to change its stop-and-frisk practice, which critics argue unfairly targets minorities.

The Ray Kelly “Shoutdown” debate in the Nation

– “Free the media

– ‘A lawyer for the federal judge removed from cases concerning the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy said Sunday that the city’s attempt to have her orders vacated is bringing “character assassination into the judicial process.”

– The CIA’s memory prison

– “On the value of our social movements

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– “Why teen smoking is on the rise

– Overdosing is now rampant in sober houses

– “It’s possible to end homelessness for veterans. Here’s where Maine stands so far

Top Gun (Stories)

Two are dead and at least 22 are injured in a shooting in Houston, Texas

– “Where you’re safe from gun violence

The War on Women

– “Tampons are used by up to 85 percent of menstruating women and may contain dioxins or pesticide residues linked to cancer, hormone disruptors, allergens and irritants from fragrance.”

– “The cost of sexual shame

– “As Commonwealth leaders prepare to meet at a summit in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, allegations of rape and torture by the Sri Lankan security forces have emerged, some of them occurring four years after the civil war ended.

– The comic book artist fighting back against rape culture

Planet Earth

– “The ten most toxic cities in the world

– “Eleven animals that are destroying the planet

A letter from one of the Arctic 30 prisoners

– Our biggest fear comes true. “Senior US scientists have some fresh advice for governments concerned at the prospect of climate change. It’s happening, they say. Get used to it. Evolve with it. Adapt, or go under.

– “Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth: Six Theses on Saving the Humans

Mixed Bag

– Animals talk, but not a lot

Five video games that can make the world a better place

– “A very brief history of why it’s so hard to get from Brooklyn, NY to Queens

– “Wildlife officials have removed an arrow from a young deer’s head and released the animal back into the New Jersey woods.

– I must admit, I love it when new species are found. Just knowing more unknown species out there is exciting. “We can now add one more species to the global scorpion roster. Scientists have discovered a new and mysterious scorpion species, Euscorpius lycius, in southwestern Turkey, in what was once ancient Lycia.”

Atheist mega-churches are growing

Break Time

You Got Me

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