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The 1% to America “Resistance is Futile, Stupid”- America “OK”

Ending the wars, Public Option, opposed Bank Bail-outs, opposed the 16 trillion transfer to wall street, NSA spying , military spending, support marijuana legalization,support replacing every member of congress, re-import prescription drugs, don’t cut Social Security and Medicare -Medicaid, prosecute the Banksters, attacking Syria, end foreign aid, mind our own business,tax the rich, oppose cororations as people, against NAFTA and NAFTA style corporate trade agreements …… are all things the American public agrees on, and strongly. They are all things that the federal Government is in direct opposition to the demands of the American Public. Those issues are the most important issues of our time.

The above is the harbinger of what is to come. Trans-Pacific Partnership the Keystone pipeline  real reform on domestic spying, tax the rich or positive movement on any of the above….not!

You will get reform on illegal immigration because that is what corporations want is an open borders labor pool to make sure that wages will always be able to be suppressed by the import legal or illegal to replace any workers wanting better wages or god forbid form a union. they will always have someone hungry enough to take that workers job, rendering the workers powerless.

If you are the individual who sees a difference between Republicans and Dems on issues other than Gay rights and illegal immigration as anything but Kabuki how do you square the above agenda they are pushing together.

Here is the point, as example:  You KNOW they are going to pass Keystone pipeline. You must avoid all the above history.When do the corporations lose. Rarely, SOPA, Immigration reform thats about it.

During the year long Public Option “non-debate” my father would call on occasion to inform me of its progress, we were, are single-payer advocates, I would inform him that I would feel stupid watching that kabuki because anyone one who had even a rudimentary understanding of the issue would know there would be no Public Option. To spend my time watching and commenting and being interested in the details of  that kabuki would seem to validate the concept that resistance is futile, stupid- what a waste of time.

Is not Keystone the same? after all you have seen is it worth blogging about the minutia of what Congress is or is not doing on Keystone in a way that infers that it is not an inevitability?  The public option all over?

It just seems the like the same old song and dance and that those who are averring to differences in the parties or in denial about the inevitability  Keystone ect are just dupes playing their part in an Orwellian I dont get it kind of way.

It seems as if it facilitates the slow boiling of the frog. It is not a matter of putting pressure on some political faction, it is the understanding that to have real change requires rejecting both parties based on their history of failure and forwarding the concept that voting for either party, what they have done and what they stand for is immoral. The facts support that position. I have rarely met the person who openly espouses that position. I believe it is one of the most patriotic things one can do. I am proud to openly ridicule those who support those corporate hand-maidens, its the patriotic thing to do.

We’ve lost our way, as demonstration if we just did what the most liberal and conservative guys I know agree on, that America agrees, on our world, the world would be much better place. The video is a little dated, but just as applicable today on the issues.

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