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Art Saturday: some of my bird, critter, and flower photos

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Flickr changed formats recently and wiped out all my photos.  a friend wanted to see some, and the most convenient way was to upload some from an existing folder that had the cropped versions i use on my greeting cards.  i spent a bit of time digging through more folders this morning, and uploaded more.

This should be the link to the birds and critters; this one should take you to a few flowers, butterflies and bees I grabbed, both of which have been rare enough the past few summers, tragically.  there’s a way to rearrange them, but i haven’t found it yet.  😉  a couple I should doctor; in the light boxes they need some exposure tweaking.  anyway…  I love birrrds.  And critters.  And flowers and butterflies and bees.

We homesteaded our place, and planted over two hundred trees and shrubs that would be a bit of a wildlife preserve for critters.  These photos are from the several acres around our house, as in: front and back yards.  To say we are blessed would be putting it mildly, but a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this place.  Built our own passive solar 12-sided hogan, to boot.  😉

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