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Quick, there’s a possiblity that peace may break out

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You cannot boogie without a boogieman.

A senior Iranian official has claimed a significant step forward at nuclear talks in Geneva, saying Tehran’s proposed plan for resolving the decade-long impasse over its atomic programme has been accepted.

Abbas Araqchi, the deputy foreign minister, said the six world powers at the talks had “accepted the framework of Iran’s proposal”.

“The aim of both sides is to sign the agreement,” he told Iranian journalists after the first session of talks.

We cannot have that!

John Bolton is reiterating his calls for Israel to unleash a military strike against Iran, saying he doesn’t “think Israel has much time” to make that “fateful decision” and that ultimately it should “have done this years ago.”…

Bolton slammed the Obama administration’s policies towards what he called “Iran’s nuclear weapons program” as “utterly feckless,” and criticized the negotiations the U.S. has undertaken with Iran because they “will lead to a diplomatic victory for Iran.”

Yes, a world where ANYTHING that avoids Iran being bombed, is a victory for Iran and hence a loss for Bolton.

With that kind of sober, rational analysis it’s no wonder that…

In 2016, the most interesting wild card is former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Bolton’s plain spoken “no surrender” approach to America’s role in the world has particular resonance with Republicans who will have watched eight years of President Obama’s “apology tour” with dismay and distress. Bolton’s brand has grown since leaving the Bush administration as Fox News has given him a national audience.

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