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Late Night: The Roundup

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Hello everyone, hope everything is well.

International Developments


– “With a boost from Russia and China, Secretary of State John Kerry mounted a major diplomatic push Friday to reach an interim nuclear deal with Iran, despite fierce opposition from Israel and uncertainty in Congress.

– Obama: We must continue to update policies toward Cuba

– Pakistan has appointed a new ambassador to the U.S.

– “Syria’s main Western-backed opposition group has refused to participate in talks in Moscow with Syrian government organizations on resolving the country’s humanitarian crisis, the Russian Foreign Ministry and opposition figures said Friday.

– “Iran and six world powers extended high-stakes talks over Tehran’s nuclear program into an unscheduled third day on Saturday, as their top diplomats labored to hammer out a long-sought deal to end a decade-old standoff.

Middle East

– Pentagon: Spike in amount of Afghan troops killed

– “Drone strikes in southern Yemen killed five suspected al-Qaida militants, the country’s interior ministry said Friday, as fighting between rebels and ultraconservative Sunnis raged on in the north.

– New confusion over Arafat’s death after a Russian report comes up inconclusive

– “A bomb exploded on a busy street filled with shoppers in northern Iraq, part of a series of attacks that killed at least 19 people Friday, officials said, the latest in a wave of violence roiling the country.

– “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday that he “utterly rejects” the emerging nuclear deal between western powers and Iran, calling it a “bad deal” and promising that Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself.

– Afterward, he got a call from President Obama. Because what better way to appease those delusional than speaking with them.

– George Soros pledges $1 million for Syrian “humanitarian work

Asia & Oceania

– Pew: Chinese public concerned on inflation, corruption and inequality, among other things

– “Two months of political bickering had pushed Maldives voters into the background. But finally they will have their say Saturday when they choose a new president for their vulnerable new democracy.


– “A police officer in Somalia says two people were killed after a car bomb exploded next to a hotel frequented by government officials.

– Pew: Despite challenges, Africans hopeful for the future

– “Supporters of Egypt’s toppled president clashed with opponents Friday as security forces fired tear gas to break up their demonstrations over detained female protesters, part of an effort to draw wider support for their dwindling rallies. At least two people were killed and 20 were injured, an official said.

– Egyptian foreign minister sets out timetable for elections  [cont’d.]


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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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