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Celebrity Race to Space: Lady Gaga Announces 2015 Space Show

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I don’t know about you guys but I’m super excited by the prospect of going to Space. Even more so after renowned scientist/ tweeter Neil deGrasse Tyson’s epic twitter live-tweet of the movie Gravity and all the things the movie got wrong.  At a certain point you just want to check things out for yourself.  Seems to be the case for many pop stars who have the means to shell out the one bazillion dollars (tickets actually go for $250,000) required to board a flight into orbit.  Among them, Justin BieberMiley Cyrus and Ashton Kutcher have all called dibs on some of the first commercial flights into space.  Never one to take a backseat, Lady Gaga announced plans yesterday to actually perform in space, in 2015.

Rolling Stone reports that the show is part of the Zero-G-Music Tech Festival- done in conjunction with the launch of NewMexico’s Spaceport America– and that Gaga will have to rehearse for a month to adjust to the change in atmosphere.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, space expert and managing editor of Tariq Malik weighed in on the acoustics of the future space show warning that “there will be a lot of background noise with the rocket engine and fans whirring”.  Beyond that he also noted some of the complications that come with singing in space:

The most difficult part, for anyone, is going to be the launch. She will be in a rocket and will have to withstand the initial G-forces. Once she gets up into space, gravity drops away, and it can be really disorienting. I took a zero-G flight this summer, and it was a big surprise when we tried it out. She’ll have to prepare for space sickness because she won’t want to sing if she’s throwing up all of the time.

Gaga will be flying on a Virgin Galactic Flight, founded by Richard Branson.

Her announcement doesn’t come without some controversy.  Today questions arose as to whether or not fellow Virgin Galactic ticket holders Beyoncé or Justin Bieber might manage to sing in space first. The celebrity race to space is fully underway 13 years after Brittney Spears performed on ‘Mars‘.  Charity Space Auctions have also come into fashion as of late, with one super rich dude shelling out 1.5 million dollars to board a flight alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Clearly none of these people have seen Event Horizon.

The proceeds from that particular charity will be going to the Foundation for Aids Research.

Space Race, space demons and the heart of the ship aside, the moral of the story is pretty clear – reach for the moon, even if you miss HOLY SHIT YOU MIGHT LITERALLY GO TO SPACE.

Photo by Chris Devers, used under Creative Commons license

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