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A Real Life Obamacare Example

We’ve all seen/heard/participated in the debates surrounding Obamacare, and all of those debates could likely fill an ocean if they were printed on paper in small font.  There has been information, misinformation, disinformation, lies, claims, and promises from both sides that would total in the trillions of words I’m sure.  And as I’m passionate about health care being a human right, and not a commodity, I will continue to take part in these debates/discussions/poo flinging sessions myself I’m sure because IMO Obamacare is a major step backward toward the goal of making health care a human right instead of a commodity because it just settled the dispute by saying that it is in fact a commodity that everyone will be forced to purchase.  But others have different takes, and that’s life.

But in all of those debates, promises, lectures, accusations, lies, and other assorted nonsense I have never heard anyone, NOT A SINGLE PERSON, answer a question that has been bothering me for some time but thanks to a real life incident has hit home and I would very much like an answer.  I’ve asked this question several times in comments here at FDL and no one is willing to answer it, so I thought I’d make a diary and hope that someone who is on the side of supporting the ACA would have the credibility and decency to answer it.

My son works full time, makes less than $50,000, in northern Virginia, which places him squarely in the living paycheck to paycheck category of Americans.  There are millions and millions of Americans in this category, he is one of them.  By the time he pays his rent, car payment, car insurance, food, etc., one paycheck is always gone and he must wait until he gets the next one, where the process repeats itself, again, like millions of others. 

And like millions of others, he’s one of those “uninsured” that we hear so much about.  Well, the other day he fell down the steps at his apartment and hurt his ankle rather badly.  He called me and told me that it swelled up very, very badly immediately, and soon turned several shades of black and blue.  In short, it sounds like he likely broke his ankle.

But because he doesn’t have insurance, and because he lives paycheck to paycheck, he couldn’t afford to get the health care he needed due to cost.  A trip to the emergency room starts at around $1,000 and goes up from there, and even a trip to a Doc starts off with an office visit of over $100, and by the time you throw in x-rays, cast setting, and any other services, you’re into the several hundred dollar range.  So he is, as I type this, suffering through it.

Will anyone that supports the ACA have the decency to please explain to me how this would be any different next year when he will presumably have an insurance policy under Obamacare???  And if the answer is, as I’m sure it is, that nothing will be any different, then who was it that the ACA was supposed to have helped?

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