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Voters, we can’t have too many of those

Well it’s another off-year election day, and what better day than for people who do not actually want voters to, y’know vote.

Behold Virginia, where self-annointed as God’s proxy Ken Cuccinelli and his Republican handlers have announced the secret to their victory:

…only Republicans are actively hoping that moderate floating voters stay home this time. “If turnout is in the 30s, the low 30s, we’re gonna win,” Virginia Republican party chairman Pat Mullins was reported to have told supporters this weekend.

“If it gets higher up in Fairfax [in Democratic-leaning northern Virginia], say, like, 40, it’s likely we won’t. I don’t think it’s going to hit 40 anywhere. I’m looking at 32.”

If only their Party had a systemic plan to effectuate this dream?

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