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Good morning.

International Developments


“South Africa has slammed Israel’s plans to build new settler homes in east Jerusalem as pro-Palestinian activists launched an international campaign for the release of political prisoners.

– Kerry arrives in Saudi Arabia to smooth ties between two countries

– “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has acknowledged “difficult challenges” and “turbulent years” in Egypt and in relations between Egypt and the U.S., but urged Egyptians to continue their “march to democracy.”

– “If you’re a civilian and you die in a drone strike, it’s your fault!

Middle East

– “The Syrian opposition set terms on Sunday for attending peace talks to end the Syrian civil war, in a move that throws the proposed conference into further confusion after the international envoy said there should be no preconditions.”

– Palestinians face discrimination in Israeli economy, majority live in poverty

– “A former head of Iran’s central bank was elected Sunday to head a 13-nation bloc of gas-producing countries as Tehran looks beyond its sanctions-hit crude oil sales to bring in vital revenue and explore new energy markets.

– “Palestinians take hope from Robben Island”

– “A Syrian government minister said Sunday that foreign fighters who have come to the country to wage jihad are responsible for the outbreak of polio in the rebel-controlled north.”

– “A special war crimes tribunal in Bangladesh has sentenced to death two Bangladeshis now living abroad for crimes against humanity during the country’s independence war against Pakistan in 1971.

– The Taliban in Pakistan vow revenge and will pick a new leader [cont’d.]

Photo by Dawn Huczec under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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