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The plutocrats are laughing at you, Part 2: Anti-GMO Activists could be made COMPLETELY irrelevant by TPP (= Economic Treason), are oblivious to the possibility

CORRECTION: Judson Phillips is the top guy at Tea Party Patriots, not Tea Party Nation.

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Backdrop: I’ve long been fascinated and dismayed (less fascinated, these last few years; more dismayed) about how ineffective activists are when opposing plutocratic agendas. And, it has occurred to me that the plutocrats probably view hapless activists with condescension, if not ridicule.

What is important, of course, is not whether a group of people are laughing at you, or not, but rather do they have any justification for their condescension, or not? Are activists setting themselves up for failure, or not? If so, is their incompetence readily discerned by the plutocratic class, or not? (If it is, that implies that the activists could learn to become strategically competent, comparitively easily.)

I believe the plutocratic class most certainly does have justification for their condescension wrt activists – they are whupping your asses, to put it bluntly – and hope that people will be sufficiently goaded by this ‘revelation’ to do whatever is necessary to not be strategic fools, no matter how well intentioned they may be. Good intentions and being a clever, resourceful political “guerrilla” are two different things. (“Guerrilla war” being my favored analogy for the struggle with the plutocratic class.)

On July 29, 2013, FDL carried a diary called Exposed: Stratfor’s 3-Step Plan To Conquer & Divide Activists which contained this quote:

Duchin and Mongoven were ruthless, and I think they were often amused by the naivete, egotism, antics and failures of activists they routinely fooled and defeated. Ultimately, this is war, and the best warriors will win.”

Whether their “amusement” rises to the level of audible laughter is also irrelevant. what is important is: are American activists ‘easy marks’, or not? Are they strategically foolish, or not?

This morning, I was in a very anti-GMO environment, the Whole Earth Center in Princeton, NJ. There was an anti-GMO poster up, encouraging people to contact Gov. Christe and their representatives, and push the current GMO labeling legislation that is in play in NJ.

However, just yesterday, I watched part of a Bill Moyers interview of Yves Smith and Dean Baker that is currently headlined at, called Trans-Pacific Partnership Secrecy Raising Doubts About Legitimacy The transcript is available at Bill Moyers’ web site, here.

So the patent protection will go longer, it’ll be much longer before anything will become generic. It would restrict buying local of all sorts. So for example, governments would not be able to, you know, say, “We’re only going to be able to buy from people in state or people in the US.” It would make things like GMO labeling impermissible.

It would weaken environmental regulations. So for example, you couldn’t say, “Gee, you know, Chinese tilapia, we don’t want to import that anymore because it’s become too toxic.” That kind of restriction would not be permissible.

(emphasis mine)

OK, boys and girls, let’s put on our thinking caps. Let’s say that TPP passes, and that anti-GMO labeling is now impermissible. Thanks to our friends, the plutocrats and corporatists, TPP requires that national laws be subordinate to the international ‘legal’ framework that TPP will put into place.

Hmmm. State laws are usually subordinate to federal laws, and now federal law will be subordinate to ‘TPP Law’, if it passes. In this devilish hierarchy, that means that even if the anti-GMO’ers at the Princeton Whole Earth Center prevail, and we get bright, new, shiny GMO labeling laws in NJ, in a few short months, such a law would be invalidated via TPP.

This isn’t hard to figure out, now, is it?

Well, let’s take a quick look (sorry, don’t have lots of time to research this) about anti-TPP awareness in anti-GMO organizations.

Searching at for “TPP” or “Trans Pacific Partnership” or “Trans-Pacific Partnership” yields exactly 0 hits.
That interview is very recent, but we’ve known the broad, dark outlines of TPP for a while. (Thanks to Grayson).

Looking on the first facebook page of a state-based anti-GMO group shows no mention of TPP. (I just corrected that situation.)

Where is the mobilization to fight TPP? Anti-GMO’ers could appeal to Tea Partiers for help in reaching the public. Here is Judson Phillips, top guy at Tea Party Nation:

Perot was right. NAFTA was the first of a series of free trade agreements we signed. All of them have been disasters. Our trade deficits have shot up, our manufacturing base has been destroyed and the American blue-collar middle class is disappearing.

TPP is NAFTA on steroids. The only difference between steroids and NAFTA is that steroids do some good.

In March, the Korean Free Trade Agreement went into effect. Guess what? Our trade deficit with Korea has exploded since then. In May, our trade deficit with Korea had jumped to $2 billion, which is a 53.5% increase over what it was a year earlier. Meanwhile, thanks to this great deal, American exports to Korea are tanking.


This is a 90% issue.
90% of Americans agree that we need to protect American jobs.

Since anti-GMO’ers are not mobilized to fight the TPP, allying with Tea Partiers on this issue is a non-starter.

All of which must greatly amuse the plutocratic class….

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