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Over Easy: Monday Science

Fukushima Cooling Pool

Fukushima Cooling Pool

Good Morning All!

It appears that I must plead for forgiveness and understanding this morning. I spent all of Sunday with chainsaw and wheelbarrow cleaning up after the windstorm Friday. Two trees down along with major parts of two others. So when I got done, I simply crashed early. I haven’t even watched Walking Dead yet, so no spoilers!

That said, the big thing this week is going to be Fuku. They will start moving the fuel rods Friday or so, beginning with the unused ones closest to the exit.

Their plan is to move the rods first to the reactor defueling pool, then put each assembly  in a container, then move the container to the common SFP.The first batch of assemblies is located in a corner and is likely in the area least damaged. These are also unused fuel rods, meaning all they should have in ’em is the fuel pellets and not much in the way of fission byproducts. So these will be the easiest of the bunch.

TEPCO has built what amounts to a separate building over the work areas. This is intended to keep any leakage contained and give ’em a support structure that doesn’t connect to the #4 building at all. #4 is just too weakened to support the load.

Boxturtle (Now I have to get to work. Please be gentle to me in the comments)

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