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Caturday – Occasional Edition

Good morning, pups and kitteh fans! Apologies to all the kitteh lovers: Looks like I put the publish time on my draft too late–the site must have already been in process of shutting down for maintenance. I found out about the going off=line when I started my draft, late, as usual.
Original opening line:[I promised y’all a Caturday post this weekend – it looks like it may be a bit bare bones, as FDL is coming down in 15 minutes.]
So, yes, it is bare bones; didn’t even have time to add a photo. I’ll look around for something suitble. If anybody’s here, talk among yourselves while I look for pickchers to add.

This edition of our traditional cat post, as Peggy called it, is dedicated to our friend yellowsnapdragon’s beloved Abner, who went to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago. Many of us regulars feel like we knew Abner ourselves, having seen yellowsnapdragon’s photos of him and hearing her many stories of his unique personality and his adventures. Abner was a bit ornery – he clearly did not suffer fools gladly – but he was beloved, and an integral part of the yellowsnapdragon family.

My own kittehs are doing pretty well; slowing down a bit as they age into “senior” status. Less play, more sleep. There hasn’t been an incident of peeing out of the litter box in awhile (knocking wood superstitiously).Big Boy, the feral cat, is less feral and more of a homebody than ever; sleeping on the sofa right now. The other guys seem to have accepted him, although occasionally they’ll whack him if he gets in their way.

Our temps are finally dropping; supposed to reach the upper 40’s tonight. I broke down and replaced my ancient comforter with a new one, and put it on the bed yesterday. Today, I never did get to make the bed; there were always at least two kittehs nestled into the folded back, deeply soft cushiony layers of the new comforter. They looked so cozy! I would not be surprised if in the morning all three (Big Boy never climbs onto the bed) are nestled in the comfy folds of the comforter.

I know we all have been through the terrible experience of losing a loved pet, and we feel yellowsnapdragon’s pain. I think she’ll be here intermittently.

It’s been awhile since we had a cat post; tell us the kitteh stories you’ve been saving up to tell. As usual on a Sunday, I’ll be in and out, too. Drop by for awhile, go do some errands, drop back in again. With any luck, Peg will show up too and tell us how Neko is getting along.

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