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Over Easy: Treat or Tricking

Halloween Egg Costume

In tribute to Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner, the Over Easy community gathers to discuss news of the day of a morning.   Yesterday it was so warming to share memories of him, on the year’s anniversary of Richard’s passing on to the Rainbow Bridge.

All Saints’ Day is celebrated tomorrow in many nations, and most especially in Mexico, all those who’ve passed on are honored on the next day, the Day of the Dead.  Some of the U.S. celebrates it, as well, Las Vegas and San Francisco will have a festival.

Hearings on NSA surveillance of U.S. allies presented the heads of National Security Agency Alexander and Director of National Intelligence Clapper.  Okay, not just their heads, but in keeping with the spirit of ghosties and ghoulies.   A delegation from allies arrived in Washington looking into the collection of information in countries now protesting those activities.

A European Parliament delegation arrived in Washington Monday to discuss the massive surveillance of European citizens and governments with U.S. lawmakers and to seek assurances that the surveillance would cease.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, joined the ranks of critics on Monday, expressing outrage at American intelligence collection on allies and that her committee was not informed. Feinstein has been a staunch defender of some of the NSA programs leaked by Snowden.

Russia denied claims that at recent G20 talks that nation had handed out gift bags containing spying devices.

Celebrations and protests marked the release of a second group of prisoners by Israel in keeping with the agreement leading to peace negotiations with Palestine.  Announcement of intended new settlement construction in East Jerusalem followed the release, provoking more protests.

Israel has agreed to free 104 prisoners in four groups of 26 as part of the agreement to reopen negotiations with the Palestinians after a five-year gap.

The release of prisoners has sparked tensions within the Israeli coalition government. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called the decision “one of the most difficult” he had ever made.

On Wednesday morning came the announcement of the four building projects. Lital Apter, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman, said they include the revival of a plan for 1,500 housing units in Ramat Shlomo, a settlement in an area of the occupied West Bank that Israel considers part of Jerusalem, and the development of an archaeology and tourism site near Jerusalem’s Old City.

Ecuador announced that efforts to raise funds from other nations to preserve Amazon oil reserves from development have ended.   Russia will begin drilling in the Amazon following its pact signed with President Correa.

Ecuador will open up its hydrocarbon resources to Russia’s state-owned companies Gazprom and Rosneft in cooperation with Ecuador state run Rosegelogia. Both company’s CEOs were present at the meeting between Correa and Putin at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

“Of course we are interested in the participation of Gazprom, as it is the largest gas company in the world,” Correa said.

Giving out treats may be just the thing to do tonight, and if you have left over goodies, your local food bank is in need of almost everything.


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Ruth Calvo

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