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Is Wearing a Burqa for Halloween Disrespectful?

I’ve always wanted to wear a burqa. I want to know what it feels like to walk through the world with my face and body completely covered. I want to experience seeing the world through veils, anonymously, with great respect for a muslim woman’s religious expression.

Now, much of what one reads about burqa wearing takes the position that a burqa is a garment of oppression. I’m not buying it. At all. So long as a person has a choice whether or not to wear a burqa there is no oppression, only an public expression of the wearer’s relationship with her God.

So, I bought myself a burqa on eBay and planned to wear it on the only day of the year when I thought it possible, Halloween. Mind you, I did not intend to wear the burqa as a joke but as an exploration of my own feelings. I’ve been asked by my white, non muslim husband not to wear it.

Here is the question. Is burqa wearing on Halloween disrespectful in the context in which I intended to wear it? This article says yes. What do you think?

Update: Just to be clear, I have decided not to wear the burqa today since I don’t want to offend anyone.

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