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Vincent Price with a severed head.

Happy Halloween from Firedoglake.

Tonight, let’s take a few moments — or 26 — with the Muppets. Back in 2010, Suzanne shared some choice sketches from Vincent Price’s Halloween appearance on The Muppet Show. Here, tonight, is the complete episode.

In the spirit of changing our identities, here are a bunch of creative Guy Fawkes masks.

Unfortunately, for Central Texas, Halloween came with a record-breaking flood in parts of Austin and surrounding communities. Many people are displaced or face damage to their homes, vehicles, or belongings. Occupy Austin members and some other community members are collecting volunteers to help with clean up in the coming days, like a miniature Occupy Sandy.

We have a Google form where you can fill out your volunteer availability, or your needs if you or someone you know has been affected by the floods. Fill out your info or pass the link along to people you know in the area:

I’m also maintaining a pastebin list with a few #ATXFloods resources, but it’s far from complete. Let me know in the comments if you know of something I’m missing.

Housekeeping notes:

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What’s on your mind tonight? The Watercooler is an open conversation.

Publicity still via Insomnia Cured Her on Flickr.

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