This is my home, I have no other, like the rest of you. All of our atoms came from it and will return to it when we die.

Earth from space

Is there hope for humanity?

Just because there are people who say that they own it, and therefore me, that doesn’t mean that they do. Just because I was born into a system of slavery-by-money doesn’t mean I accept that it is right/best/just. Just because some ignorant soul’s ‘beliefs’ tell them that Man Owns the World And Can Do What He Pleases doesn’t mean that anyone has any right to destroy my home/food/water/resources. Just because someone makes inaccurate and selfish claims, and none of us can do anything about them, doesn’t make them true.

Humans have lived here for hundreds of thousands of years without making such absurd and destructive claims – these ideas of world-ownership and -enslavement have no more place now in a ‘civilized’ or ‘enlightened’ world. This beautiful earth, who evolutionary matrix we are simply one of the most recent results of, is dying at our hands. We are not worshiping a god in our image – we have declared ourselves to be gods and we’re terrible at it!

We’re past the point where legalities, religious ideas and bullshit terms can cover up the destructive nature of our society. Any life-form that endangers its host is in the same class as a virus. And as many of us rise up to protest the bullshit of a dying world that we can totally prevent, we are forcibly repressed or even murdered. We are to the point where the only way ‘order’ can be ‘maintained’ is if trained, armed humans or robots are employed to put down the revolts of the rest of us. In a way, this madness and sadness excites me, because it means that people are going beyond their own personal comfort and trying in a way humans have never had to try before, even if it seems futile.

There is no point to this post, other than to talk through some ideas. I’m newly realizing what an utter sham and scam the ‘civilized’ world is and all the while trying to hold on to sanity. Although the question of the nature of the societal harmony of ‘primitive cultures’ has no definitive answer (yes, there was killing/cannibalism/rape/murder), I can say for certain that they didn’t nuke their peers, drone their acquaintances, leak radioactive materials all over the place or systematically destroy life – we wouldn’t be here if they did. This civilization cannot continue, as we are just now seeing, but I hope that doesn’t mean the end of the human race, the animal races and the plant races. Pretty sure the rocks will be alright.

Public domain image by NASA Goddard Space Center.

Mdm Defarge

Mdm Defarge