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The Roundup

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May Lou Reed and Marcia Wallace rest in peace

Hope your weekend went well

International Developments


– “Key members of the United Nations – including some of Washington’s closest allies – broke with a decade of tradition on Friday when they endorsed calls for greater transparency over drone civilian deaths.

– The Israeli-Saudi Alliance against the US-Iran talks

Is Arab World turning back to Russia?

Middle East

– “The Syrian government has submitted a formal declaration of the chemical weapons in its possession and a plan for their removal, a crucial step in an international agreement to destroy or remove its stockpiles and weapons.”

– “A roadside bomb attack in Ghazni province, south of the Afghan capital Kabul, has killed 18 people on their way to a wedding, officials say.

Several car bombs have exploded around Iraq’s Baghdad, killing 39; AP says 66 killed

– Death toll in Iraq from bombings since April is over 5,000

– “Israel’s tunnel hit by cyber attack

– Israel agrees to release 26 Palestinian prisoners 

– “A roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan killed 18 people, including at least five women, who were travelling to a wedding party by minibus, a local government official said on Sunday.

– Anti-US billboards ordered to be taken down in Iran


– Madagascar’s elections “free and fair” state international observers


– “At least five people have been killed and dozens more injured after  a series of low-intensity blasts were detonated at the site of a political rally shortly before India’s most controversial politician was due to speak.

Other reports say six have been killed in eight explosions


– “Poor Bulgaria. Once again the Germans are headed her way—this time armed with nothing more than a change of currency and the policies of austerity that go along with it.

– “Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN) party, became the latest target of a trademark topless protest by feminist group Femen during a visit to the town of Fougères in Brittany on Saturday.

Latin America

“Colombia’s FARC rebels have freed a US hostage, former Marine Kevin Scott, after several months in captivity.”

– Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez expects a midterm loss

Financial Matters

– America’s Wealthy are richer and have a new name — Point Seveners

– Trial run of Twitter IPO a “success”

– Dark money groups, linked with Koch brothers, pay $1 million in fines

– Study: Nine in 10 elderly workers over 50 are “very or somewhat satisfied” with their job

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Dan Wright

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