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False Flag

This is not an explanation of what a  “false flag” is; for that you can go to these websites  and for the Levon Affair  This is about why I believe a false flag of an incredible magnitude is imminent.

The call to strike Syria failed, and Syria is doing everything to prevent what happened to Iraq from happening to her; she’s raising her skirts and saying, “ain’t nothing under here”.

If you listen to Saudi Arabia, you’ll hear a country desperate for war; the real reason being the falling price of oil.  The cry for war here is also a result of the falling price of oil (AKA gasoline)  Normally, the falling price of oil is good for everyone, but not this time.  When “Speculators” became “manipulators” and pushed the price of gasoline to $5.00 a gallon, they monopolized the commodity markets, and consequently own far too many “long” contracts.  Go to this website to better understand the commodity markets 

After robbing us during the Bush Administration, and continuing into the Obama Administration, their plans are to do this indefinitely; but how many times can you burglarize the same house?  They’re doing the exact same thing for a third time, but we don’t have the money which is the demand engine that supports high prices; now those prices are falling.  If you can buy a gallon of gas for $2.00, and sell it for $4.00, that’s quite a profit; especially when you consider the amount of gasoline that’s sold all over this country; but in order to do this, you have to buy contracts on the commodities market. 

A “speculator” buys a contract, and if the price falls, he sells it at a loss and forgets about it; but a “manipulator” has purchased thousands of contracts, now we are in essence buying our gas from him.  Although he paid $2.00 he can now sell it for $4.00; that worked before, why isn’t it working now?  Ultimately it can only work when there is enough money, also known as demand in the economy.

Now the “manipulator” has a big problem, if he instantly sells the thousands of contracts he owns, gasoline will be almost free.  The only thing he can do is hold these contracts and hope for a miracle; that miracle being a war.

While everyone knows Israel’s motive for war, now there are other very powerful people with an entirely different motivation.  After the rejection for war with Syria, it’s quite apparent that the only solution is a “false flag” big enough to motivate the populace to war.  When people who don’t know one another, nor communicate in any shape, form or fashion are saying the same thing; “False Flag”,
look for an event like we’ve never seen before.  Our government claims to protect us from terrorists by spying on us, but no one can protect us from our government.

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