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Barack Obama mounts big push to bolster Foreign Direct Investment in US

From the Financial Tomes

(Paywall Alert).

WTF happened to our US based “Job Creators” or are they too busy investing elsewhere. Here’s a Point for you Barry, if the locals (US money) will not invest in the US why should the ones overseas?

Although I can understand their reticence in the absence of demand (customeres buying stuff).

Well, here’s Some suggestions:

  • Reach over the the Rs to talk to the 300 US Billionaire “Job Creators”
  • Focus on domestic demand (without demand there will be no jobs)
  • Raise Taxes on the wealthy and cut taxes on the poor (The poor spend their money)
  • Raise minimum wage (Those fast food worked don;t buy much because they have little money)
  • Impose tariffs on imported goods to encourage business to build at home. (Free trade does not work)
  • Do not cut SS, that cuts demand — No chained CPI.
  • Cut the retirement age.
  • Job Guarantee and Employer of last resort for all (as a reason to pay better than minimum wage)

Infrastructure not defense, green jobs, post oil economy (local production and consumption), reverse outsourcing, green energy, etc.

More and better suggestions? Then a campaign to all our reps and senators?

Barry’s opened his mouth. Let’s put our collective foot into it.

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