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there is no ‘two-party’ system

free advice from the annals of facebook users

[actually i still view it as
several factions
of a one-party corporate clearinghouse
each subset with a logo & smiley face
but that’s beside the point]

on the liberal dem side
there will always be
‘take what we can get’
‘capitulation forever’
‘fracking is a bridge’
(to the abyss)
‘our corporations are progressive or health insurance related’
‘sorry…we’ll have to cut/gut the students & seniors
to satisfy the other side’
‘drones = precision’
(killing machines)
‘a derivative of democracy is our name!’
‘democracy is messy so let the president decide’

on the very pure left side
the bookshelves are perfectly labeled
every i must be dotted
in bold
left of center
the platform is made of concrete
(some of it pre-cast)
if you can’t fill both sides of your flyer with text
you’re probably not analytical enough
if you have any doubts or fears
abstention is preferred
to messy
(that word again)

in every tea party coffee klatch
the pot’s filled with
phony messiah complexes
1950s john wayne machismo
assault weapons
(real & virtual)
grey flannel retro republican
illusions & delusions
open the lid
is better than intellectual deconstruction
let them self-evaporate

leaving me
with the messy
& imaginative greens
roaring in from the margins
singing within the noise
tentatively stepping up
just before sunrise
beginnings are often
or purposely ignored

— e b bortz

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e b bortz

e b bortz