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The Roundup

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Hello everyone, I’ve got blisters on my fingers again. Hope your day went well.

May John Arthur rest in peace

International Developments


– “The US has defended its drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan, saying it takes ‘extraordinary care’ to ensure they comply with international law.” Here’s how they do it: they point at a location in Yemen and Pakistan, then Obama says “Bomb it!”

The five ways we lose and lobbyists win if TPP goes through

– “”The defense attorney for an alleged senior al Qaeda figure captured in Libya earlier this month said on Tuesday it will take several months to sort through hundreds of thousands of documents before the case can proceed.“”

Middle East

Syrian rebels are told to join in Geneva peace conference

– “Bahrain, where tear-gas shells replaced pearls

– John Kerry playing charisma as US and Saudi are butting heads over Syrian rebels

– “Senior U.S. and NATO officials said on Tuesday they were confident Afghanistan’s elders and parliament would back a deal allowing American troops to stay there after 2014, playing down lingering concerns over the accord.

Latin America

– Cuba ending dual currency system 


– Pew: 47% of Chinese citizens strongly believe air pollution to be a problem

– “Tough questions ahead for China on treatment of citizens

– “Tourism in North Korea

– Starbucks criticized for overcharging its products in China


– “Four months after the government’s overnight shutdown of the national broadcaster ERT, the country now finds itself in the peculiar situation of having two competing stations claiming to serve the public

– Success! “The Greek parliament has voted overwhelmingly to suspend state funding for the far-right Golden Dawn party.” [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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