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True Tales of Halloween Horror

Halloween is really a holiday of contradictions. On one hand, it’s all about children, candy, and princess costumes. But as we all know, this night is also about zombies, monsters, and all things sinister and scary.

Sounds like Halloween is currently in the midst of an identity crisis . . . While there’s plenty of positive things to talk about with regard to Halloween, today we’re going to dive into this holiday’s darker side by exploring some of the most awful, shocking, and truly horrifying crimes that have ever taken place on all Hallows’ Eve. If these stories make you scared to venture out on Halloween night to go trick-or-treating, you can always run a background check on your neighbors through a site like before letting your kids accept candy from them. Click here to learn more about Instant Checkmate. Now, here are three true tales of Halloween horror at its very worst.

1) Pools of Mystery Blood Found Outside Burger Joint

Last year, the Arlington news site, ALRnow, reported that several pools of blood were found within a one mile radius of a burger restaurant aptly named, “Ray’s Hell Burger.” Obviously if you’re going to dine out on Halloween night, you’re going to go somewhere with the word “hell” in the title.

At first, the sleepy town of Arlington believed that their Halloween night had gone off without a hitch—until they woke up the next morning and found blood everywhere. Police eventually traced the bloody source to a battered, hungover man asleep in his apartment. Apparently he had “blacked out” on Halloween night and had absolutely no idea what had happened to him. Authorities never did figure out how this gentleman managed to leave pools of blood all over town.

2) Fatal Stabbing Over Some Candy

On a sweet-centric holiday like Halloween, you’d think there would be enough candy to go around. But in 2011 in Chicago, 55-year-old Ledell Peoples, flew into a murderous rage when his bag of treats mysteriously went missing. He lashed out by stabbing 49-year-old Maria Adams multiple times. Peoples was arrested and originally charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, but Adams couldn’t pull through. After she passed away, People’s charges were upgraded to murder in the first degree.

It’s shocking to think that an adult is capable of committing murder over some candy, but that’s the sad reality we live in nowadays.

3) Night Of The Living Hell

Back in 2005, a beautiful, successful woman living in New York endured something so awful on Halloween night that people are still talking about it eight years later. Peter Braunstein, a failed playwright, started a small fire inside an apartment building. However, his destructive intentions were far more heinous than that of an arsonist. Braunstein’s real target was a woman he knew of through a series of connections in the fashion world.

After setting the fire, Braunstein showed up at her front door dressed like a fireman. He then forced his way into her apartment, and overpowered her with chloroform. Braunstein tied her up to her bed, and over the course of the next 13 hours, he “basically tortured and tormented her” according to a story that appeared on NBC. All police would say about what actually happened to her, was that “She was not raped. Just physically manhandled if you will.” Throughout the course of the night, Braunstein disclosed intimate details of her personal life, revealing that he’d been stalking her and planning his brutal attack for months.

Braunstein was on the run for three months, but has finally been caught by authorites.

Halloween Safety

For most of us, Halloween is a fun-filled night of parties, costumes, and junk food. But for some, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and victimize innocent people. Be sure to exercise caution this Halloween. Hopefully the worst thing that happens to you is having to endure a mild stomach ache from all those sugary snacks.

About the author:

Jennifer Barrett is a true crime blogger from Los Angeles, CA. Halloween is her favorite holiday of the year.

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