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Over Easy: The Hackable Heart

Human Heart image

Not pictured: USB port where the viruses get in.

So it turns out that Dick Cheney does, in fact, have a beating heart in his chest. Evidence also indicates that the pre transplant heart was completely dysfunctional, but I doubt that any creature alive thought Cheney had a normal heart.

The old heart was so useless that doctors had to implant a defribullator to keep Cheney alive. The surprise in all this is that Dick Cheney feared that the implant would be hacked in an assassination attempt and had the device removed and replaced with one without wireless capabilities.

Who did Cheney suspect might hack his heart? Who has the capability to
infiltrate the electronics in his chest and do Cheney harm? Who has the motive? Don’t tell me al Qaeda, or China. One doesn’t have the means and the other really doesn’t have much motive.

Remember last summer when Richard Clarke shocked the world by suggesting that US intelligence agencies have he ability to hack the electronics in a car? Betcha they can hack into a heart too.

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Image from the Vintage Collective on Flickr.

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